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Six Degrees of G.I. Joe to Rambo
Contest Hosted by Joe Crowe

Sylvester Stallone played Rambo in all of the Rambo movies. He also played Rocky Balboa in the Rocky films. Rocky Balboa was listed as a reserve physical fitness trainer for the G.I. Joe team in the 1st issue of the 4-part Order of Battle miniseries. Later, of course, this listing was repeatedly retracted. (bblatt11@aol.com)

I believe the rights to do a Rocky Balboa G.I. Joe figure fell through, or something like that. Which I find appalling. Refrigerator Perry never had a problem with it.

1) GI Joes were in the GI Joe / Transformers crossover comic book
2) Eric Idle was in Transformers:The Movie, as well as Burn Hollywood Burn with Sly
3) Sly IS Rambo (drobvious@madmail.com)

Tooo easy! Burgess Meredith played Golobulus of Cobra LA in the GI Joe movie in 1987, he also played Mickey in Rocky with Sly Stallone, who waaaassss RAMBO!!! (c_calthrop@hotmail.com)

Burgess Meredith voiced Golobulus in GI Joe: The Movie, and starred alongside Sylvester Stallone in Rocky III. Stallone was John Rambo in Rambo. (mock@springmail.com)

None of you will believe that I am fallible, but I had not remembered this connection when I concocted this challenge. I just thought it'd be neat to link two patriotic 80s icons. Also, their names rhyme.

I'm going with the cartoon here. G.I. Joe had an appearance by Sergeant Slaughter, a wrestler. Another wrestler, Mr. T, was in Rocky III, where he fought Sylvester Stallone, who played Rambo. (arimmer5@aol.com)

Burgess Meredith, the voice of Golobulous (Cobralalalalalalalala!) in GI Joe: The Movie, was also Mickey in Rocky. Rocky was played by Sly of the family Stallone who was also John Rambo. Yo. (IMDB shows us that Ed Gilbert, the voice of General Hawk in GI Joe: The Movie, also did 'additional voices' on the Rambo cartoon series, but Six Degrees is much more fun to do off the top of your head, so I'm not gonna use that one) (jeremy@lemmingventures.com)

Sgt. Slaughter used to get the crap kicked out of him by Hulk Hogan.....who was in Rocky 3 with Rambo hisself. Also, cause I like the weird connections.....Stallone starred with Rachael Leigh Cook in Get Carter... she does voices for the Batman Beyond movie... with Frank Welker (More voices than anyone can count, including a couple from G.I. Joe, Fred from Scooby Doo, and every single dog you've ever heard in a movie). (kjkearney@home.com)

Okay. This gets circuitous...

Mmmm. I like circuitous.

Okay. This gets circuitous.

1. Charlie Adler voiced Lowlight on G.I. Joe; he was also the voice of Buster Bunny on Tiny Toons.
2. Michael Reaves wrote one episode of Tiny Toons. (Adler also voiced Eric Raymond on JEM and the Holograms, which Reaves also wrote for.) Reaves was also one of the main writers on the Disney animated series Gargoyles.
3. In Gargoyles, Jeff Bennett voiced several of the main characters. He was also Professor Porter in Disney's Tarzan TV series.
4. Jim Cummings also had a role (Tantor) in the Tarzan TV series; he did several roles in the movie Antz, as well.
5. Sylvester Stallone voiced Weaver in Antz, and of course played Rambo.

Now, the really neat trick would be to come up with a route involving Michael Bell's most famous role. According to www.joeheadquarters.com, he played 8 different Joe characters, but he's best known as the voice of "butter" on the Parkay commercials. (meredith-patterson@uiowa.edu)

Well? Get to it! Or it's back to the Wheel of Pain for you!

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