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Battlestar Galactica Remake Escapes Bryan Singer
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© Joe Crowe

Adama would not be pleased. In fact, he'd probably scowl.

Variety says that director Bryan Singer has dropped out of remaking Battlestar Galactica. Fox's feature film guys put the ol' kibosh on that by allegedly reportedly contending with the Fox TV people, for whom Singer was to do the pilot. Fox's movie guys wanted Singer to stay focused, to have tunnel vision, toward X-Men 2. Thus, schedules conflicted and now Singer -- and Fox -- are no longer involved.

Singer's producer and partner Tom DeSanto said he hopes that the thing can still get made with a new director.

If you're into petitions, the Sci Fi Wire says there's one right here that you can sign: the Battlestar Galactica 2001 petition drive.

If you're into Galactica, once again it appears that you are SOL.

People, just make this movie. Look -- if they can make Event Horizon and Sphere and nobody says a word, surely they can get this one filmed at some point. Think of Daggitt. Man, just think of Daggitt.

Joe Crowe mourns for Boxey.

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