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Six Degrees of Transformers to Terminator
Contest Hosted by Joe Crowe

Yor cars. Gib dem to me... (a@b.c)

Transformers are action figures (not dolls) for little children (and all young hearted teens) to *ahem* "play" with. Arnold has kids. I have from reliable sources that they are'nt aliens or terrible brain-eating zombies so they probably play with Transformers, as I will now do. (ashaman17@yahoo.com)

Transformers and the Terminator 2 toys were both Hasbro products? (themacrocosm@sympatico.ca)

No, no, no, no, NO. Well, maybe. Back to the stockade!

Transformers toys kick ass. Terminator (literally) kicks ass. Sorry, it's lame, but I just like saying "kicks ass." See? I did it again! (kingfisher61@cs.com)

Not quite 6 degrees, but..
In G.I. Joe #139, Megatron is shot by a Cobra rail-gun and intiates an internal damage repair function. That is akin to the abilities of the evil Terminator from T2. HAH. Was that weak or what? (bblatt11@aol.com)

Both of you are indeed lame, even though I grudgingly admire the digging through of old comics to obtain your lameness. I now chasten you to one hour in the Iron Maiden! Not the medieval torture device, with headphones, listening to their music.

I'm too lazy to think hard enough or research a link, but I'd just like to thank you for this topic. seriously. you rock joe. (smapdi_joe@hotmail.com)

Your obsequious adoration is accepted. Now begone with you!

Casey Kasem did a voice (very briefly) in the Transformers movie, which came out in 1984. His voice also appeared in Ghostbusters, which came out the same year. Ghostbusters 1 and 2 came out the same year as both Terminator movies. (arimmer5@aol.com)

I can't believe I got Casey Kasem into this: Casey Kasem did the voices of Bluestreak and Cliffjumper, among others in the original series. He played himself in Ghostbusters as a radio DJ. Ghostbusters had Sigourney Weaver, so did Aliens, which was directed by James Cameron, who directed The Terminator. That's what, 4 degrees? (c_calthrop@hotmail.com)

Judd God-Damn Nelson. He was The Transformers Movie as Galvatron. Judd Nelson. He was also in The Breakfast Club, not that its relevant but I like to mention it. He did have a relevant cameo in Jay and Silent Bob which also had Eliza Dushku of Buffy fame, which links transformers to both Buffy and Angel for the last two weeks, but also to True Lies which of course had Arnold the Terminator. (blibfield@ic.sunysb.edu)

And one more cause I'm at work... Judd Nelson, of Hot Rod fame in the Transformers Movie, and Arnold the Terminator (as well as Robert Patrick and probably dozens others, but not Orson Welles) guest starred on episodes of Tales from the Crypt. Even better than all that is that the Judd Nelson ep had both Meatloaf and Christopher Reeve. (blibfield@ic.sunysb.edu)

Please. Don't make me laugh. (Takes a deep breath) Eric Idle played Wreck-Gar in Transformers: The Movie and was also in Monty Python with John Cleese, who starred in A Fish Called Wanda with Jamie Lee Curtis, who starred in True Lies with Arnold Schwarzenegger, who starred in both Terminator movies. (gasp) Check, and mate. With extra points gained from the correct spelling of "Schwarzenegger". (schandelman@vassar.edu)

Judd Nelson was the voice of Hot Rod and Rodimus Prime in Transformers: The Movie.
1. Judd also starred in Airheads, along with Ernie Hudson.
2. Ernie Hudson starred with Lance Henriksen in No Escape.
3. Lance Henriksen was Detective Vukovich in Terminator. (mock@springmail.com)

Admirable attempts, some of you. Judd Nelson was mentioned higher up in the column, but not with the linkage provided below.

Ok, here we go:
Judd Nelson, Rodimus Prime in The Transformers: The Movie, stars in Suddenly Susan with:
Brooke Shields, who appeared in Pretty Baby with:
Antonio (Huggy Bear) Fargas, who played Elijah Muhammad in Ali: An American Hero in which appeared:
Joe Morton, aka Miles Dyson in Terminator 2 with:
Linda Hamilton and Ahhhnuld, from the original Terminator. And chocolate pudding, if anybody asks. (psetnik@yahoo.com)

Respect to Huggy Bear.

Judd Nelson was the voice of Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime in Transformers: The Movie. He also co-starred in The Dark Backward (the finest garbageman-grows-a-third-arm movie ever) with Bill Paxton, who played one of the punk kids that Arnold thrashes on at Griffith Park in the beginning of The Terminator. BOO-yah! (jeremy@lemmingventures.com)

Leonard Nimoy was in the Transformers movie as Galvatron. He was also in another classic, unlike any of the Star Trek movies he may have done, Invasion of the Body Snatchers with Robert Duvall who was in the all-too-not-classic The 6th Day with Arnold Schwarzenegger . (blibfield@ic.sunysb.edu)

Corey Burton (who played Spike and Shockwave on Transformers) did the voice of a character in the Batman Beyond episode "Meltdown", which also had Linda Hamilton playing a scientist. (crow_steve@hotmail.com)

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