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RevolutionSF Podcast: DC Comics Rebirth
Reviewed by Various RevSF Artists, © 2016

Format: Comics
Review Date:   July 15, 2016

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RevNews: Rebirthing Pains: DC Universe Rebooting Again!

Spoilers: DC Rebirth causes emotions.

In 1985, DC Comics published the epic series CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS, and ever since the repercussions have reverberated down over the years, inside and out of their published universe. Characters and worlds lived and died! A cycle of yearly mega-crossover events have became the norm.

And what started as an attempt to streamline the DC Universe lead to more and more frayed bits and pieces requiring new clean-ups that caused even more issues.

And now, after the somewhat unsuccessful New 52, DC is pusing the cosmic reset button once more! This time, however, feels different. This new mega-event, titled REBIRTH, is under the watchful hand of legendary writer Geoff Johns, who's no stranger to breathing new life and excitement into characters that need a return to greatness.

To discuss the events that lead to this change, the story itself, and the repercusions of this new Universe Reset, RevNews host Gary Mitchel put out the call to Green Lantern expert Sean, The Rad Ranger, and the world's foremost Flash Fan Shaun Rosado!

Listen as they take a (not-so) brief look at DC's previous major events; what makes event stories work, & what doesn't; how modern heroes can be seen as modern gods; REBIRTH as business & writing decision; Batman's belt, Superman's lack of red shorts & overall costume design theory; DC's ability to do legacy; what each of the main DC characters represent to readers; the big moment that brought all the feels; the meta side of the reveal of the big bad; a look at the Superman, Batman, Green Arrow, Green Lantern & Wonder Woman Rebirth issues; Shaun's Bette Midler reference; how everyone gets to be a Batman; Rad Ranger's fondness for 90's costumes; Shaun's message to DC about artists; and the upcoming comics they can't miss.

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