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Captain America: Civil War 4-Word Reviews
"D'awwww! Vision and Wanda!"
Reviewed by Various RevSF Artists, © 2016

Format: Movie
Review Date:   June 04, 2016

The RevolutionSF and RevCast challenge: Review Captain America: Civil War in four words. If anyone wrote more than that, we made them watch the dream sequences in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. That's right. ALL OF THEM. Send us yours at @RevolutionSF

Where is Tobey Maguire? Lloyd Woodall

Missing Ken Burns narration. -- Deanna Toxopeus @ubalstecha

Cap loves Bucky morel. Van Plexico, @vanallenplexico

Bucky with good hair. -- Shaun Rosado, @pneumaz

The feels! THE FEELS! -- Gary Mitchel, @gary_mitchel

Less Doomsday. More Rudd. -- S. Price Horn, @spricehorn

Everyone needs a hug. -- Tegan Hendrickson, @artful_username

Bromantic drama reaches peak. -- Tegan Hendrickson, @artful_username

D'awww! Vision and Wanda! -- Tegan Hendrickson, @artful_username

Too long, but yay! -- Kellen Harkins, @DConAMSFMedia

Hulk and Thor who? -- Ryan Guthrie

Spidey's where he belongs. -- Michael Gordon, @NewLegendMike

Avengers Assemble . . . No More! -- Mark Finn, @FinnsWake

Vintage Marvel cadence for the win!

Avengers 2.5 was fantastic! -- Michael Falkner, @womprat99

Sensitive much, Iron Man? -- Michael Emond

WHOOO HOOO BLACK PANTHER. -- Joe Crowe, @yojoecrowe

Technically good. Lacks conviction. -- Nathan Laws @blogger_who

Nathan's review baffles me. -- Mark Finn, @FinnsWake

Save Bucky. Screw y'all. -- Van Plexico, @vanallenplexico

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