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Book Probe: Tomorrow's Cthulhu, Written in Fire
© Joe Crowe, @yojoecrowe
January 22, 2016

Book Probe finds books of geeky interest so you don't have to. Read and enjoy. Links to buy are in the titles.

Tomorrow's Cthulhu

Broken Eye Books is a prolific putter-outer of nifty anthologies, including Ghost in the Cogs. Now Tomorrow's Cthulhu is a pretty good collection of Lovecraftian misery and terror. I mean that as a compliment.

The topic of the anthology is Cthulhu with futuristic and sci-fi elements. But many of the stories don't have much of that. The good parts of the anthology don't suffer because of it. It's just something I noticed a few stories in.

Those aforementioned good stories include Daria Patrie's "Tangles," a very short story about madness. Lyzz-Ayn Shaarawi's "The Crunch Underfoot" is about the aftermath of meeting something creepy. Molly Tanzer's "The Stricken" is my favorite. It's a funny story with references to the beloved Re-Animator.

As anthologies go, this one is a good value by volume. Consume it! Become one with its words.

Written in Fire by Marcus Sakey

The first two books in the Brilliance series "went there" with a capital Went There. In a setting where people with powers are hunted, the story goes all-in with government conspiracies, murder and tragedy. Written in Fire is the last of the trilogy. I would say you probably should read the first two first, so you'll know why everyone is so miserable.

It's a black-and-white hero vs. villain story, really. That is a compliment. It reminds me most of the show "24." The hero is bone weary and beaten down, and the bad guy deserves to be defeated like a pro-wrestling villain. The writer sticks the landing here, and I can't wait for his next thing.

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