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Star Wars VII Subtitle Might Be OK, Is A Sentence
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November 06, 2014

The Star Wars official site announced that Star Wars VII principal photography has wrapped on Star Wars VII, and then put up a logo announcing the subtitle of the movie without any warning. The title: Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Have they never heard of a warning tweet? Some of us have weak constitutions.

Here's the official news from the site, if that's your thing.

So The Force Awakens. The Force can go to sleep. Is that what you're telling me? In the prequels it made a baby. Now it can go to sleep, clearly, if it is now waking.

Why was The Force sleeping? Did Luke put it to sleep? In Return of the Jedi he was the last one to use it.

Why was The Force sleeping? It's supposed to be in all things. Get off your ass, Force.

This is just the second time a Star Wars movie title has been a complete sentence. We know how well it worked out for The Empire Strikes Back. The other movie titles should also have been sentences. Check out how great that would have been.

Star Wars Episode IV: A Hope Is New
Star Wars VI: The Jedi Returns
Star Wars Episode 1: The Menace Is A Phantom
Star Wars Episode 2: The Clones Attack
Star Wars Episode 3: The Sith Take Revenge For All Three Prequels Being A Sack Of Crap And I Will Never Stop Being Mad About It

If you prefer noun phrases to complete sentences, Jaxxon the Green Star Wars Rabbit has a message for you.

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