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Justice League Movie Schedule Tosses Pebble At Mighty Marvel Throne
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October 15, 2014

Warner Entertainment announced a movie release schedule for DC Comics Universe movies, including a Justice League movie, over the next six years.

They confirmed several frequently Twittered Internet rumors, such as they really are going to do a Justice Leaguemovie, a Wonder Woman movie, an Aquaman movie starring Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones as Aquaman and a Shazam movie starring the Rock as Black Adam.

A couple of surprises are a Suicide Squad movie and a Cyborg movie. And they put a lady superhero movie on the schedule before Marvel did. But wait, Marvelís lady superhero Black Widow has already been in three movies and Wonder Woman hasnít been in nothiní.

Itís the kind of schedule they said they were going to announce a long time ago. Itís the kind of schedule Marvelís movie people already announced a couple years ago. Naturally this will raise the fur of both factions of comic book fans.

Letís imagine together this hypothetical conversation between Gary Marvel-Moviefan and Joe DC-Moviebuff. The third faction that likes them both because superhero movies are awesome is not a factor in this conversation. Remember, this is strictly hypothetical.

Joe DC: Check it out, man, weíre going to kick your butt with our movies coming out in the next few years. Justice League, man. Justice League.

Gary Marvel: We already did that, but it was Avengers and it totally ruled. And weíve done about 10 other movies in our universe, most of which were excellent.

Joe DC: Yeah, but we got a Suicide Squad movie written right there on a .jpg.

Gary Marvel: Whoís in it?

Joe DC: We have the movie's name written on a .jpg! And we got a Flash movie!

Gary Marvel: You already got a Flash TV show, and itís awesome.

Joe DC:Thanks, man.

Gary Marvel: Youíre welcome. But why are you doing a Flash movie with an unknown star, when you have a Flash TV show with a star who is really good?

Joe DC: Um, Flash and Arrow really are great!

Gary Marvel: I know! Our one TV show is getting better.

Joe DC: Dude, we have four TV shows. Maybe more. So weíre better by volume.

Gary Marvel: Then that means our movies are better, by volume.

Joe DC:But we got a Shazam movie with The Rock written on a .jpg! And we got a Flash TV show.

Gary Marvel: Whoís doing the Shazam movie?

Joe DC: Arrow is a great TV show! I mean, we have a history of doing awesome movies. We have Man of Steel and Ö (breaks down sobbing). Itís hard! So very hard! You just donít know!

Gary Marvel: I know whatíll make you feel better. Letís watch Guardians of the Galaxy again. We put a raccoon in it.

Joe DC:(breaks down sobbing.)

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