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Avengers 2 Named; Superman Movie Shamed
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July 23, 2013

Marvel's movie people took care of business with a plethora of movie news at Comic-Con 2013. DC's movie people made one announcement. One. Here's the recap of the clash of the plans of movie titans.

Avengers villain Tom Hiddleston appeared in character and played the crowd like a virtuoso. Watch it on YouTube.

Then they hit the crowd with sizzle reels from the upcoming Captain America Thor sequels.

Then the cast of Guardians of the Galaxy showed up. They've only been shooting for a couple of days, but they have footage.

This footage . . .

. . . includes the NOVA CORPS! The Guardians are in a lineup. And they have Rocket Raccoon in full CGI. The crowd went nuts. And there was a shot of CGI Groot.

Then there was a montage of Rocket Raccoon action shots, including a raccoon going Rambo with a mean grimace and an Uzi in each paw.

Excuse me for a moment. Let me pause. The Nova Corps will be in the movies.

An actor the caliber of Benicio Del Toro is playing the Collector. Thanos. Nebula. Gamora. Ronan. And Drax the Destroyer! Drax looks awesome.

Director James Gunn knows not to take it seriously. The sizzle reel played over a soundtrack of "Hooked On A Feeling" coming from Star-Lord's headphones.

My excitement and anticipation for this movie has skyrocketed into the stratosphere. This is going to be awesome.

At this point the Marvel Studios presentation seemed to be over. Studio big cheese Kevin Fiege was at the edge of the stage, then he comes back and says there's one more person that wants to say something.

It was just Joss Whedon. And he dropped a bomb in the hall.

An Avengers 2 teaser that revealed the villain to be ULTRON.

So Thanos is either the heavy for Guardians or he's being held back for Avengers 3, which could be a team-up that also brings in the Guardians. I'm not sure my little ticker can take it.

Whedon said in another interview that Hank Pym will not be in Avengers 2 and Ultron's origin will be different.

I'm so pumped for Phase 2 of Marvel's movies. Thor: The Dark World seems to have corrected all the problems I had with the first one. Captain America: The Winter Soldier is almost an Avengers movie with Nick Fury, Black Widow, Falcon, Agent 13 and Bucky all in it. I am promoting Guardians of the Galaxy from iffy to confident

Technically, they aren't competing. Marvel has been pretty far ahead, in movie success and movie quality, but the fact remains: That is how you win the Comic-Con 2013.

DC countered with a single graphic, a Superman/Batman logo.

That's embarrassing.

Keep up the good work, DC.

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