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Geek TV 2013: SHIELD, Dracula, Other New Shows
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May 12, 2013

The networks plan to air brand-new shows with sci-fi and otherwise geeky elements this year. Check the linkage for RevolutionSF reviews of the trailers. Here is the list of potential irritation when the rising tide of cancellations come. Steel yourself.

Agents of SHIELD (ABC) The official title of this show is Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, but this way it's number one alphabetically, which gives me a chance to say WHOO WHOO. Joss Whedon's people are in charge of this show as Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg) leads SHIELD agents in the Marvel movie universe, but on TV, and it takes place after Avengers. So, there's a fairly good chance that when we watch many of us will explode.

Almost Human. (Fox) KARL BY GOD URBAN and a robot! They fight crime. It's Alien Nation but with robots. See, the title is cute because the robots are not human at all.

Believe. (NBC) A young girl has powers and an ex-con must protect her. They probably fight crime.

Dracula. (NBC) The Count is played by Henry from The Tudors and he seeks revenge against the descendants of his enemies. One of them looks like his true love reincarnated. They did this already on Vampire Diaries and every other vampire story, ever.

Intelligence. (CBS) Sawyer from Lost (Josh Holloway) plays Chuck from Chuck. Seriously. He gets a gizmo in his brain, and he fights crime.

Once Upon A Time in Wonderland (ABC) Alice is in love with a genie, and they fight crime in Wonderland, with full-on CGI goodness of the Queen of Hearts, the caterpillar, and the White Rabbit, whose voice is John Lithgow. I'm in.

The 100. (CW) Handsome and pretty kids return to Earth 100 years after it got apocalypsed. Now the grass needs mowing. The dishes need washing. Get to work, you hooligans!

The Originals. (CW) It's a Vampire Diaries spinoff, about vampires, set in Louisiana. True Blood is already a show that is exactly that same thing. Yet they still are calling this show The Originals.

Star-Crossed. (CW) A puny human girl falls in love with an alien boy when he and 8 other aliens are integrated into Earth society. Luckily for him that he's handsome and human looking.

Tomorrow People. A remake of the delightful 1970s British series about kids who have powers and fight crime. Well, I really do like X-Men, so surely I will like something that is exactly the same thing.

Resurrection (ABC) Family members mysteriously come back from the dead. If they came back as zombies, then this show makes sense. Zombies are popular. But this isn't zombies. They would have said there were zombies if there are zombies.

Sleepy Hollow. (Fox) Ichabod Crane appears in the present day and fights crime. This is a real show, and is really happening, and is not made up by me.

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