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Geek TV 2013: Arrow, Once Upon A Time Not Canceled
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May 12, 2013

Here's a big list of TV shows of geeky interest that got renewed for the next TV season, and what got kicked to the curb like yesterday's coffee grounds.(Links to RevolutionSF reviews of these are in the titles.)

Coming Back

Arrow. More obscure DC Comics references. OR I WILL RIOT.

American Horror Story. Reason for renewal. Jessica Lange. She so crazy.

Beauty and the Beast. No Ron Perlman, but it survived anyway.

Being Human. The US version gets another season on Syfy. See, the joke in the title is none of them are human.

Big Bang Theory. Still pretty good, thanks to Amy Farrah Fowler.

Community. Funny, geeky sitcom that is shocking in its lack of cancellation.

Continuum. More Cigarette Smoking Man in the future.

Defiance. Syfy show already renewed for season 2. Hopefully this one won't end as a punchline on Big Bang Theory.

Falling Skies. Season 3 coming up in June. Here's the one former doctor from ER whose sci-fi show is working.

Game of Thrones. More Dinklage! And whatever else is on this show.

Grimm. The other fairy tale show had no dragons, but is coming back anyway.

Haven. Show about crazy town on Syfy, but it's not Eureka.

Lost Girl. Thanks for spoiling the whole story in the title, Lost Girl..

The Neighbors. ABC show about an alien family. Surprisingly funny, and surprisingly not cancelled.

Once Upon A Time. I never would have thought both series based on fairy tales would have been popular, much less for more than one season. But here we are. In the season 1 finale, the hero fought a dragon.

Orphan Black. This one has clones. Season 1 just started, but season 2 is happening.

Person of Interest. Ben from Lost and Jesus from Passion of the Christ still chugging away.

Revolution. Season 3 in the works. Now only magic necklaces turn the lights on.

Supernatural. Handsome. So handsome.

Vampire Diaries. No actual diaries on the show, but I guess that's fine.

Walking Dead. Reason for renewal: Carl's hat.

Warehouse 13. New season happening right now. With Giles from Buffy!

Kicked To The Curb

Alphas. This Syfy show's cancellation was a punchline on Big Bang Theory. Leonard said, "If they didn't want to get phone calls from angry nerds, they wouldn't have started a sci-fi channel."

Cult. The unaired post-cancellation rest of the series is watchable online, if you must.

Do No Harm. This show did no harm . . . to the ratings! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Amen.

666 Park Avenue. The remaining episodes will air over the summer. This one had the auspicious talent of making Terry O'Quinn boring.

Touch. But Kiefer Sutherland may bring back 24. Justice! There is justice in the world.

Young Justice, Green Lantern, Star Wars: Clone Wars. All canceled. Sadness!

Zero Hour. The rest of the season will air this summer. More Nazi Dr. Greene, please!

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