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Death and Morons: The Jhonen Vasquez Story
RevolutionSF Hosts Jhonen Vasquez: October 26, 2001
© Shane Ivey

Page 5

Part Four: My undead cake of livingness.

ShaneIvey: DenyFrehm wants to know if you'll say, "Yo Fro!" I think he has friends here.

JhnenV: Hmm..let me try......"um..yo..." NOP can't do it.

JhnenV: NOPE.

JhnenV: It hurts.

ShaneIvey: Well, Deny, I tried.

ShaneIvey: Q: Maggie wants to know if you've ever done any voices on other cartoons. She heard you did Mr. Baget on Garfeild and Friends.

JhnenV: no, I haven't but Rikki's done some anime voices.

ShaneIvey: REMINDER: DO NOT WHISPER TO JHONEN. He will not answer you if you whisper to him. Whisper questions to me. I like it.

JhnenV: Rikki Simons is GIR's voice.

ShaneIvey: Q: I'm a little confused by the beginning of Rise of the Zitboy. Zim appears to be launching chickens into space, while saying "Hmm! HMMM! Hmm? HMM!" ....I'd like to know what, if any, point could possibly be correlated with this intro sequence, outside of maddening confusion and a need to jab a fork into my eye like Oedipus.

JhnenV: It's just a typical expriment with ZIM.

JhnenV: He does that kind of stupid thing.

JhnenV: laser weasils, launching chickens into space...it's normal for him.

ShaneIvey: Another scary personal Q: What do you like in life apart from comics?

JhnenV: I like not being dead.

JhnenV: Anything beyond that is just icing on the cake.

JhnenV: My undead cake of livingness.

ShaneIvey: Dude! I'm SO into that!

ShaneIvey: Okay...

ShaneIvey: Q: Did nick make a rule against any more Jhonen or Rob cameos in the show? if so they're poopy..and have their been any plans to have a Johnny or any such character cameo as well?

JhnenV: no, I made the rule.

JhnenV: it was distracting to me.

JhnenV: It took away from the story and just seemed to stop the episodes.

JhnenV: So no more of those.

ShaneIvey: Scary fan question from Tre: "You're the reason I seek counseling.. Bless you. Make my wish come true, please!!!"

JhnenV: Wow.

JhnenV: just...wow.

ShaneIvey: I'm not sure, but the wish come true part might have been for me to post it.

ShaneIvey: Or maybe that's just my ego.

JhnenV: oh.

ShaneIvey: But you can make it come true if you want.

ShaneIvey: Q: Please ask, if Jhonen was ta get sucked into one of his comic/show dimensions, which one would it be?

JhnenV: oh man...i dunno...they're all such horrible places.

JhnenV: ZIm's world is full of morons.

JhnenV: Johnny's world is full of....well...getting killed.

ShaneIvey: So it kind of comes down to: death or morons?

JhnenV: Death and Morons: the Jhonen Vasquez story.

JhnenV: I'd have to say the Bad art Collection.

JhnenV: I'd get to beat up those squishy looking jellybean characters.

ShaneIvey: Q: "From Dawn: I LOVE filler Bunny! are you ever gonna do any more with him?"

JhnenV: Yes, the bunny must suffer more.

ShaneIvey: Q: Anjanette sez: "Has there been any talk of rescheduling the unaired Zim marathon? Also.. I'd like to know where you got your clever, spooky humor? Because it owns me. You own me too though."

JhnenV: Only the people in scheduling know that.

JhnenV: i think it'd be cool, but there's been no mention of it.

ShaneIvey: On the subject, do you have any advice for the many, many, many people who want to know how best to become your employee and/or slave?

JhnenV: Hmm...no room for employees at the moment, but slaves are always welcome for sandwiches and such.

ShaneIvey: So - just send a resume c/o Nickelodeon?

JhnenV: We look at portfolios all the time.

ShaneIvey: Again, we're going over already here - Jhonen, whenever you need to bail just say the word.

JhnenV: i'm still going!!

JhnenV: It's rare I can respond to things, so this is good.

JhnenV: E-mail has become impossible these days.

ShaneIvey: Another Q in the meantime: What are the ages of the characters on ZIM?

JhnenV: New questions?

ShaneIvey: Yeah - what are the ages of the characters on ZIM?

JhnenV: They have no definite ages.

JhnenV: but they would be around 11, most of teh kids in Dib's class.

JhnenV: Gaz is younger than her brother by a year.

JhnenV: With ZIM being older than any human alive.

ShaneIvey: Q: Since Brian is going to die in the 20th episode, who will take his place in the second season? (If there is no official decision yet, I know I'm not the only one who would love it if you put Lizard Boy in that seat)

JhnenV: Brian get's replaced by a kid named POONCHY: Drinker of HATE.

JhnenV: You actually see Poonchy in Gameslave 2.

ShaneIvey: Is that HATE Cola, the rival of Poop? Or just old-fashioned hate?

JhnenV: good old fashioned HATE!

JhnenV: Poop is more like the Coke of the Dib's world,

ShaneIvey: Right - I figured Hate would be Pepsi... or... something.

JhnenV: He's the first kid to get thrown down the pulley cable after getting his game.

ShaneIvey: Oh yeah! Poor little guy.

ShaneIvey: He exploded.

JhnenV: He explodes for no real reason.

JhnenV: I love that.

JhnenV: i just was really sick of Brian's head, so in came Poonchy.

ShaneIvey: More from people wanting to work for you: what do you look for in a portfolio?

JhnenV: Well, in the case of my show, it has to look like my style.

JhnenV: It's hard getting people to work in the style, even if they're incredible artists.

ShaneIvey: Q: What has been your freakiest fan experience? (Um, aside from this.)

JhnenV: Well, this is a pretty decent wierd one, but...signings can get really strange.

ShaneIvey: Any single event that just stands out and will make us all shudder?

JhnenV: There are always certain people who will hover around you for the entire day.

JhnenV: you see them staring at you, and you run and hide, but they follow..

JhnenV: They follow lke the T-100o and don't let up.

JhnenV: And you shoot them, and they keep coming..

JhnenV: their heads reform and they leap onto your car.

JhnenV: And...well...it just gets odd.

ShaneIvey: BTW, Doodle apologizes for the stalking.

ShaneIvey: You said earlier that you have a great deal of creative control on ZIM. Do you ever worry that Nick might, as a fan put it, "Pull a Ren & Stimpy" on you and hand the show to someone else?

JhnenV: I expect it.

JhnenV: And then I would go and do something new.

JhnenV: And if it DOESN'T happen, then it would be a pleasant surprise.

ShaneIvey: Really? Interesting. Is that just a fact of creating a successful show, or does it have to do with YOUR type of show in particular?

JhnenV: I'm all about things rotting. I base my life around the concept and the eventual reality of it.

JhnenV: I look forward to doing new things...getting away from the old.

JhnenV: I don't think MY kind of show is what gets REALLY popular.

ShaneIvey: Well, it's no DOUG. (Thank God.)

ShaneIvey: REMINDER: The Invader Zim Halloween Spectacular of Spooky Doom is coming on in ten minutes on the East Coast!

ShaneIvey: REMINDER: The show's coming on in Central, too! Start your VCRs!

ShaneIvey: Psyman: "I must leave soon, plaese, for the love of god, tell Jhonen I said Hi."

JhnenV: HI, Psyman. And BYE Psyman.

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