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Death and Morons: The Jhonen Vasquez Story
RevolutionSF Hosts Jhonen Vasquez: October 26, 2001
© Shane Ivey

Page 4

Part Three: Cassie babeh... you look so nice.

ShaneIvey: Q: Any plans to do a ZIM comic book or strip?

JhnenV: They're spoken of comics, and I'd love to see it, but it would be impossible to draw it myself.

ShaneIvey: Q: Do you find your status as one of the more popular "cult icons" in recent memory flatttering, creepy, amusing, or something else entirely?

JhnenV: It's ALL those things, and more.

JhnenV: It really is a bit odd.

JhnenV: but it's not the kind of thing i think about all the time.

ShaneIvey: Q. from my wife, who has better access than the crazy whisperers: What kind of inspiration did you get from The Kids in the Hall? And don't lie or we'll know.

JhnenV: NONE!

JhnenV: you lie!

ShaneIvey: Aha!

JhnenV: But we do have Kevin McDonald on the show.

JhnenV: And he's a freak.

JhnenV: Almighty PURPLE wouldn;t be the same without Kevin.

ShaneIvey: Q. from Cassie: Jhonen, My sister is so shy she can't even ask you a question, will you say something nice to her?

JhnenV: Cassie.....Cassie babeh....you look so nice.

ShaneIvey: Oooh... okay, um, let's move on... How much control do you have of ZIM?

JhnenV: Wait!! CASSIE'S SISTER!!

ShaneIvey: (Heh - yeah, her sister. I won't tell the probation officer if you won't.)

JhnenV: I've enough [control] to make it worth my while, but it does stretch my patience often enough to make me wonder what the hell is wrong with me to keep doing it.

JhnenV: I'm head writer, I do much of the design work, I'm in on editing, and sound effects.

JhnenV: It's a lot of control. more than you'd think.

ShaneIvey: How many ZIM episodes are we gonna see? Before they try to sign you on for more, that is.

JhnenV: 40.

ShaneIvey: Whoohoo!

JhnenV: 40 episodes have been picked up.

JhnenV: that's two seasons.

ShaneIvey: Are they all planned out now?

JhnenV: Yes, we've plotted them up to episode 40.

JhnenV: Some more vague than others, but the broad strokes are there.



ShaneIvey: "Infernal" wants to know: How many souls do you have so far?

JhnenV: I lost count after a shmillion.

JhnenV: A SHMILLION souls. imagine that.

ShaneIvey: I'm trying to.

ShaneIvey: Q. from the fanfic battallion: "I want to know what Jhonen thinks about fanfiction that features original characters. I want to write one, but I want permission from Jhonen first."

JhnenV: Characters not from teh show?

ShaneIvey: Right

JhnenV: I dig it. It's cool to see people using more imagination with their ideas.

JhnenV: Seeing different SIR units and whatnot.

JhnenV: Although only INVADERs get SIRs.

ShaneIvey: Cool... Some writers get really bent out of shape over that - legal fears and whatnot.

ShaneIvey: Q.: "Did they ever find the person who sent you the dead squrrel?"

JhnenV: yes they did.

JhnenV: I hear she was skinned alive and fed to weasils.

ShaneIvey: Well, that's the law in Texas...

JhnenV: Also there are only thirty actual INVADERS.

ShaneIvey: THIRTY actual Invaders! You heard it here first, ZIMfickers!

ShaneIvey: A LOT of people want to know: What's up with the chihuahas and moose(s)?

JhnenV: Well, the chihuahah was just supposed to be a joke, but it kept going.

JhnenV: Something to show how easily freaked out ZIM can be.

JhnenV: As for the moose, well....I love the moose.

JhnenV: I don't know why.

ShaneIvey: Me too.

ShaneIvey: Q: My friend is doing a video game based off of Invader Zim... and I'm writting the music. any ideas on what the music should be like? Oh, and also ask him is he wants to see a marching band field show based on the music from Nightmare before Christmas (I'm 16, and I love doing all this music stuff.) Oh, and he does a great job on the show!

JhnenV: I like a mix of dramatic orchestral with electronic touches.

JhnenV: Like in the show.

JhnenV: Kevin Manthei, our composer, does a beatiful job with the music

ShaneIvey: Q: "Do you believe in the chupacabra? And can you reference it as much as possible please?"

JhnenV: no, chupacabras is such a fake.

JhnenV: unlike Bigfoot.

ShaneIvey: Yeah. That poseur.

JhnenV: Bigfoot could take Chupa DOWN.

ShaneIvey: Don't even get into Bionic Bigfoot.

ShaneIvey: Okay... "What was the 'laser weasel' experiment Zim was referring to in Nanozim?"

JhnenV: ZIM has miles and miles of cavernous labs under his house. Laser Weasils are just ONE of the many experiments down there.

ShaneIvey: Q: "Could you let us in on any new characters we might see in the near future on Invader Zim?"

JhnenV: They are half laser...HALF WEASIL!!

JhnenV: Cool, for some of you guys, the Halloween special is on in about 40 minutes.

ShaneIvey: OoooOOOoohh... laserweasels.

JhnenV: The East Coast fans.

ShaneIvey: That's true - if anybody managed to miss it, there's a big preview on RevolutionSF.com, and if you still need motivation to watch it: WATCH IT! It's funny! And tell other people to watch it.

JhnenV: It's actually a little more disturbing than I was expecting.

JhnenV: There's some intense moments in there.

JhnenV: Truly the children will have nightmares.

JhnenV: And if they don't...I will be sad.

ShaneIvey: Yeah, but they were a fun intense. Not a drab intense. And no intestines coming out of mouths. HOW did Nick let that go on the air, anyway?

JhnenV: The intestines bit from Dark harvest?

JhnenV: I don't really know. It was just so funny looking.

ShaneIvey: Yeah, from Dark Harvest. You know - mouth opens up.. PLOP, guts fall out.

JhnenV: It's not so bad.

JhnenV: Just squishy lookin'.

ShaneIvey: It was that. And easy to suck back into his mouth, like big spagghetti. Really big.

JhnenV: I just really wanted to capture that childhood sense of having eaten children's organs and then vomiting them back up.

ShaneIvey: Any plans for new Johnny the Homicidal Maniac comics?

JhnenV: Yes, always plans, but never time.

JhnenV: once the show is done with, or my involvement in it, I will do more comics.

ShaneIvey: We ought to wrap this up so Jhonen can get back to his life - the one not filled with crazed whispers barraging him at all hours... Jhonen, got time for a couple of last questions?

JhnenV: hey, i'm cool with taking this as far as I can cope with it.

ShaneIvey: AGAIN: DON'T WHISPER TO JHONEN. If you want an answer, whisper to me!

JhnenV: no hurry on my side. not until I start screaming.

ShaneIvey: Awesome... OK, let me dive back in here... let me know when the screaming starts.


ShaneIvey: Q: Are you going to any conventions soon?

JhnenV: okay...I was just testing.

JhnenV: I only do about 2 cons a year.

JhnenV: Those are the APE in San Jose...

JhnenV: and the San Diego con in...well you know.

ShaneIvey: Question that the hardcore fans will get but some of us won't know: "Why do you use the name Mr. Scolex in the end credits of Invader Zim for the characters you voice? Does the name have any significance?"

JhnenV: Scolex is actually a character i have never used in any of my books before.

JhnenV: He's a little insect character.

JhnenV: it's a tapeworm fascination.

JhnenV: mr Scolex was supposed to be one of johnny's little voices.

JhnenV: Like mr. Eff, but he never made it in.

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