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Death and Morons: The Jhonen Vasquez Story
RevolutionSF Hosts Jhonen Vasquez: October 26, 2001
© Shane Ivey

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Part Two: My Screen is Filthy with Whispers

ShaneIvey: OK - moderation is now in place.

ShaneIvey: Sorry to have to do it, but dang, what noise.

ShaneIvey: Here's how we'll do it. Jhonen can talk to everyone. He will answer questions.

ShaneIvey: Send your questions to me via whisper and I'll pass 'em along.

JhnenV: yes, let's try that.

JhnenV: My screen is filthy with whispers.


ShaneIvey: QUESTION: How did you get such a strange show as ZIM on Nickelodeon?

JhnenV: I don't think NICK knew what they were really getting!

ShaneIvey: Okay, heh... Q: Mr. Vasquez, are you going to be creating any new comic book series or any additions to the ones out now (JTHM, Squee)?

JhnenV: I've had ideas for a whole series of new JTHM books, but it's all a matter of finding the time to start it up again.

JhnenV: I love those characters, and it's been so long since I've done anything that intimate in my work.

ShaneIvey: Q: Who's your favorite character?

JhnenV: favorite character from ZIM?

ShaneIvey: Yeah - any you just love more than the rest from ZIM?

JhnenV: or my books?

JhnenV: Hmm...I like DIb.

JhnenV: his frustration.

JhnenV: His trenchcoat.

JhnenV: his hair.

ShaneIvey: DIB it is! Whoo! What about in your comics?

JhnenV: And gaz.

JhnenV: Hmm...probably Devi and Tenna.

JhnenV: The dialogue is just too fun to write between the two of them.

ShaneIvey: Q: Were you always interested in comic books, and when did you decide that was what you wanted to do?

ShaneIvey: (Sorry - don't mean to cut you off - feel free to type like a maniac, I won't mind...)

ShaneIvey: Q: What were your personal thoughts on the episodes getting pulled after Sept. 11?

JhnenV: I understand the reasoning behind it, but it all got so reactionary.

JhnenV: It is STILL just a cartoon, and they made it seem like we would bring about the collapse of civilization if we aired that ep.

ShaneIvey: Any word on whether the shows that were pulled will go back on the air? Or when?

JhnenV: We've managed to save two of the best, most recently an episode named "the Girl Who Cried Gnome".

JhnenV: They felt it was offensive because it showed rescue workers trying to get a girl's foot out of a gopher hole.

JhnenV: I mean, that's just sad.

ShaneIvey: Q: Will Zim be offered for retail purchase at any point, possibly in a 'director's cut' format?

JhnenV: No plans for a dvd set have been mentioned, but we're all dying for one.

JhnenV: NICK doesn't really do dvd things, unless it's one of their movies.

JhnenV: So, sorry. I'll let you know when we find out.

ShaneIvey: Do you like getting creative input from fans? Show ideas, story ideas, that kind of thing? Does it ever happen?

JhnenV: Hmm..fanfic stuff?

JhnenV: They have some pretty twisted ideas, some that I've seen.

JhnenV: I don't know if it'd be wise to go with a lot of what they come up with.

JhnenV: They have ZIM and Dib falling in love ideas.

JhnenV: That makes me ill.

ShaneIvey: So I've heard...

JhnenV: ill to my belly.

JhnenV: My ill-prone belly.

ShaneIvey: Q: What role does (did?) Frank Conniff have on the show?

JhnenV: He was head writer for a section of the first season of scripts.

JhnenV: One of the nicest guys I've ever met.

ShaneIvey: Is he still writing for ZIM?

JhnenV: And such white hair.

JhnenV: no, he moved on to other shows.

ShaneIvey: Still white hair?! I thought that was just MST3K!

ShaneIvey: Ah, okay...

JhnenV: Now I'm head writer, and NICK rues the day they allowed that.

ShaneIvey: Hah!

ShaneIvey: Q: What type of toys of Invader Zim will there be?

JhnenV: I'd love to see a GIR toy like an AIBO.

JhnenV: except it simulates stupidity instead of intelligence.

JhnenV: It will actually chase children and scream at them.

ShaneIvey: Oooh... I'd pay good money for it this Christmas... Any discussions with Nick about toys actually happening?

ShaneIvey: (To recap for newcomers: this room is moderated. Whisper to me if you ahve a question for Jhonen. DO NOT whisper to Jhonen.)

JhnenV: Please stop whispering to meee.

JhnenV: It's very difficult to respond to all of these...thingies.

ShaneIvey: Anyway - no word from NICK on ZIM toys?

JhnenV: I dread the ZIM toys.

JhnenV: shirts have been a horror to work with.

JhnenV: they go ahead and do what they want, but the actual creative people on the show always have issues with what they put out.

JhnenV: It's not been very fun dealing with products.

ShaneIvey: Artsy question: Is ZIM drawn on black cels, like the Batman cartoons?

JhnenV: no, it's all digital ink and paint.

ShaneIvey: Q: Were you always interested in comic books, and when did you decide creating them was what you wanted to do? "Death must know."

JhnenV: Well..ehh, DEATH, i just sort of fell into comics.

JhnenV: I always say I never planned it and it's true.

ShaneIvey: Really? What were you doing when you decided to start drawing?

JhnenV: Start drawing? I've been drawing nonstop since kindergarten.

JhnenV: I just...never stopped.

JhnenV: I've actually managed to make a living from doing what little kids do!

ShaneIvey: Q: I would guess that the executives at Nickelodeon have censored quite a bit of what you wanted the show to be like. If this presumption is true, what has been cut or turned down from the show that you would've particularly wanted to do?

JhnenV: many explosions.

JhnenV: a blood covered GIR.

JhnenV: Just some of the things that were removed.

JhnenV: but it was cute blood.

ShaneIvey: It was GIR! How could it not be cute?

JhnenV: please stop whispering to me.

JhnenV: It's impossible to respond to.

ShaneIvey: Okay. "SpookyDoo": "I'm only 15 and my first comic strip is releasing in 3 weeks. I have a commision for a whole year. Would mean alot if you thanked him for me." So, thank you for him.

JhnenV: That's cool!

JhnenV: Congratulations.

ShaneIvey: FOLKS: PLEASE stop whispering to Jhonen. It makes him insane(r).

JhnenV: Yes....so very insane.

JhnenV: I can't believe we actually got the Halloween episode on TV as it is.

JhnenV: It's actually pretty creepy in spots.

ShaneIvey: OK, the inevitable personal questions. Brace yourself...

JhnenV: p...personal??

ShaneIvey: (1) What's your middle name? (2) What color is your hair now?

JhnenV: hair color is now PURPLE.

JhnenV: It's a Gaz phase.

ShaneIvey: (Halloween episode: pretty creepy, yeah. But terrific! Everybody tune in. Just plain hysterical. Especially DIB's not-really-that-giant head.)

JhnenV: Middle name is C.

JhnenV: His head is filled with brains.

ShaneIvey: (Brains... among other things...)

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