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Death and Morons: The Jhonen Vasquez Story
RevolutionSF Hosts Jhonen Vasquez: October 26, 2001
© Shane Ivey

We weren't Death, and we certainly weren't Jhonen Vasquez, so I guess that makes RevolutionSF the Morons. Why? Because we had no idea how big a Jhonen Vasquez chat would be.

Sure, we got the word out to all the Jhonen and Invader ZIM fan communities and a few cartoon sites, but we were a pretty new site and we figured we'd miss the really big numbers. Like, say, the 200+ chatters who were logged on at one time the night of the chat.

Things started out crazy, with Jhonen trying to field questions from a packed room as the messages flew by, then they got ever so slightly less crazy when I finally muted the whole room and served as moderator... at which point all the naughty fans just started whispering to him instead. Go figure; I didn't know the right command to let Jhonen just ignore whispers from everyone at once. Because I'm stupid like that.

But he put up with it, he answered the questions, and he stuck around more than an hour longer than we expected. And, from what I could tell, the fans loved it.

Well, they loved HIM, anyway. We were just here to play host.

  • Part One: Is it really you?... SQUEE! and Johnny the Homicidal Maniac... New characters on ZIM
  • Part Two: Favorite characters... ZIM fanfic... Frank Conniff... ZIM toys... ZIM censorship and missing episodes
  • Part Three: Kevin McDonald... Creative control... More on fanfic... Music on ZIM... Conventions... Mr. Scolex
  • Part Four: What Jhonen likes... Cameos... Favorite dimensions... New kids on ZIM... Weird fans
  • Part Five: Lenore... Skool... Tacquitos... Glasses... Jhonen's website... spookyland.com... TAK
  • Part Six: Pigs... How Nick approached Jhonen... Favorite episodes... More on ZIM merchandise... Kicking groins

Continued . . .
Shane Ivey is producer for RevolutionSF.

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