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Trailer Probe : World War Z
Reviewed by Joe Crowe, © 2012

Format: Movie
Review Date:   November 19, 2012

Trailer Probe calculates the total nerdy enjoyment in nerd related movie trailers. Dork disengagement level is why you might not love it. Geek explosion content is reasons you will go nut-bonkers for it.

World War Z

Dork disengagement level: Only the Chanel No. 5 guy can save us from the dead.

Mel Brooks' son wrote the book this is based on, but this does not look funny at all. Harvey Korman dies and then Mel Brooks stuff just goes to hell.

We see no zombies up close. OK, maybe we see one zombie up close. But COME ON, MAN.

Geek explosion content: On the other hand, we know what zombies look like.

I thought this movie was going to be like Walking Dead and be more about the human element, or the Brad Pitt element.

But then it goes totally crazy, and the zombies turn over a bus, and just start ridin' through there a-whoopin' and a-whoopin'.

That's a Mel Brooks reference, because his son wrote the World War Z book.

This looks like a heartwarming family escaping death movie, like Marley and Me.

The zombie rampage is fun. They're like the Tasmanian Devil. Slow-moving zombies are so Every Zombie Anything Except 28 Days Later.

In most zombie movies, there are no human stars. The zombies are the stars. But Brad Pitt don't play that.

I love the loud, dramatic Epic Buzz, which improves humdrum trailers by adding BRRRRRRRNNNNNNN.


That is so great. You're watching a trailer, minding your own business then BRRRRRRRRRRRRNNNNN.

Nerd saturation level: 800,000 parts per billion.


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