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RevolutionSF Presents Funny Lists: Top Ten Sci-Fi Yo Mama Jokes
© Joe Crowe
October 19, 2012

You will enjoy these things I made at The Alabama Phoenix Festival in Birmingham, Alabama in May 2012.

The con was crammed full of happy, pleasant fans (weird, I know), and a kid from Walking Dead, and Adam Freaking Baldwin. You need to go in 2013. Their website is right here. You should go ahead and sign up right now.

I had a wonderful time co-hosting a charity auction and a costume contest (in which I kissed a Borg.) And I produced these funny live-action top ten lists, along with a gaggle of bystanders.

The Top Five Best Things To Ever Happen At A Sci-Fi Convention

The voice you hear screwing up the whole thing in just the first two seconds is mine.

The Top Ten Rejected Sci-Fi Convention Panels

More greatness.

Here is the big one. I can say without hyperbole that this is the most fun video you will see until the next time someone gets clawed by a kitten.

The Top Ten Sci-Fi Yo Mama Jokes

Told you.

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