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Galaxy Fraulein Yuna
© Kevin Pezzano

Imagine a world where everyone is a cute girl who can transform into a battle-armored superheroine. The ditzy schoolgirl lead character, her android friend with a bottomless stomach, her friends, her rival, the teachers at her school, the school nurse, the aliens who have dropped by to give the lead character her powers, the ravaging battle androids from beyond our galaxy, ALL of them appear to be barely-pubescent, big-eyed waifs. This gives Galaxy Fraulein Yuna an entertainingly surreal quality, hanging the usual school-anime cliches on a bizarre framework of intergalactic combat and lesbian undertones. When non-anime-fans think of anime, it's usually this kind of weird-ass stuff they're thinking about! Well, this and naughty tentacles, but there's just no helping some people.

Like Nuku Nuku, though, Galaxy Fraulein Yuna has an inner core of warmth and character development, at least in the second OAV series, Galaxy Fraulein Yuna Returns. This series isn't really about cute little girls beating the crap out of each other, it's about friendship and second chances, and all the sugary schoolgirl antics are balanced by a surprisingly tragic ending. You may start out thinking Galaxy Fraulein Yuna is marshmallowy fluff, but by the end you'll be stuck in your seat, fighting back tears. At least, *I* was. Available from ADV Films.

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Kevin Pezzano is Anime Editor for RevolutionSF.

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