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DC Comics Relaunch 2011: A RevolutionSF Retort
© Sarah Arnold
September 08, 2011

The move by DC Comics to “reboot” the DCU is getting a large amount of attention, so I’ve broken away from my stacks of indie comics to give mainstream comics (that’s a weird phrase) another shot.

I never threw down a stack of singles of the superhero comics and roared NEVER AGAIN. But I’ve also never bought singles or that many trades of DC or Marvel titles.

I guess you could peg it down as the storylines were just too expansive and hard to track that I never gave it a real go as an adult.

This is an odd oxymoron in the comics world; female readers seem to be drawn towards elaborate and complex story lines in the fiction they read but when faced with the thousands and thousands of pages of backstory for comics that have been produced since the 1950s they quickly back away.

This isn’t to say that there are no female comic readers, just that it can be a harder audience to reach.

Publishers such as DC and Marvel have been trying to figure out this problem for years. How do they attract new readers from a variety of backgrounds?

They could re-tell origin stories till the day we die, re-start everything from the "beginning" or make offshoot 34,901 of the main storyline.

DC opted to do the second option, and it’s not the worst call to make. It gets sales up for a short time, has the possibility of new fans and gets people talking.

But after reading the first offering of Justice League I’m not sure this comic is going to do all this PR justice.

Sure, it leaves the audience asking questions. But does it get me excited to read more' Not really.

I’m lukewarm about the art. It's nothing that jumps off the page and the story doesn’t really have that exciting hook a new audience needs.

So I’m left with the conclusion the DC thinks that new readers will be simply drawn in by the pretty low numbers, simplistic story arc, and lack of red underwear.

Maybe in a few weeks things will get interesting. But I’m going back to my stack of indie titles if something interesting doesn’t happen soon.

Sarah Arnold just hasn't read the new "I, Vampire." That's sure to turn her around.

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