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Machete Director Better Not Tease Us About Fire and Ice Remake
Revolution News
© Joe Crowe
July 25, 2011

Robert Rodriguez said he will remake Fire and Ice. That is not a movie whose name you just throw out there.

Fire and Ice was a cartoon movie in 1983 created by Ralph Bakshi and Frank Frazetta. It was a sword & sorcery fantasy flick in cartoon form.

Rodriguez said he would remake it in live action, and he got some Frank Frazetta art posted on Entertainment Weekly. It's right here.

Before you look at the pictures, those who have never seen Frazetta art need to prepare. Clear your mind. Take a nap first.

That's all Rodriguez said about the movie. Then he thought he distracted everyone by talking about doing more Machete movies and another Sin City..

But he needs to focus on what's important: Fire and Ice.

Credit where it's due: A couple years ago Rodriguez said he would do a new Predator movie. He really did it, and it rocked my socks off. See my review right here.

But around the same time, he said he would do Red Sonja. Here's the story about that. But that did not transpire. And we are filled with sadness.

Spare our feelings, Mr. Rodriguez. We are tender hearted and sensitive and all we want is a movie with barbarian girls and sabertooth tigers.

Sometimes in the night, RevolutionSF's Joe Crowe is so afraid.

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