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DC Comics Revamp Crisis 2011: A RevolutionSF Special Retort
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June 03, 2011

In this RevolutionSF special report, our nerds react to DC Comics' latest plan to infuriate its fans and beg for attention from its non-fans.

Starting in September, every new DC Universe comic will be downloadable on the same day, at the same price, and all of them start over from number one, with costume changes and revamps to continuity. That's what they said.

Here's the report from the DC blog.

* * * * *

Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick. More no. 1 issues to inflate sales. And they wonder why I've stopped buying. -- Jayme Blaschke

* * * * *

Remember Flashdance Canary? Not pretty. Also notice Aquaman stays in Justice League, but Martian Manhunter is out? In the universe of lameness, Aquaman is so much more boring than J'onn J'onzz.

They are claiming this is not a reboot of the DC Universe, but what else is renumbering everything at one? -- Deanna Toxopeus

* * * * *

You guys are right. This is just another ploy to get fan boys to stare at the number 1, buy for collecting and try and re-write history again.

I don't have a problem with re-writing history, DC is known for world altering events.

So look at someone who is doing this right: Marvel. They were hugely successful with the Blackest Night series and started to really invest in storylines that can be told in a few trades instead of issue after issue after issue.

DC and Marvel have iTunes apps but it's been over a year since the DC one got an update and the Marvel one was updated 3 months ago.

I love this line (from DC executive Dan DiDio): "If we can convince the people here we're doing something brand-new and fresh, we have a good chance to really get the people outside on board."

Way to go, DiDio. Could you sound any slimier? -- Sarah Arnold

* * * * *

Most of you are probably not even buying regular comics any more, which necessitates more stunts like this.

Get used to it. As you buy less and less comics, companies are fighting for the small pool of buyers that are left. It will only get worse as time goes on. -- Jay Willson

* * * * * *

All I want, all I've ever wanted, from either company, is good stories, well told, and creatively executed. Connect them or don't. Collect them or don't. Single issue or six parters. I don't care about continuity, nor do I care about variations in character from writer to writer. It comes down to "is the character behaving consistently, in keeping with who he is as he has been currently defined?" and "is this story engaging and imaginative and satisfying to read?" Both companies don't answer "YES" in both boxes nearly enough for me. -- Mark Finn

* * * * *

I buy and follow DC. I want to read good DC Comics superhero stories and I want writers to not write them suckily.

When Spider-Man's marriage was un-written and removed from continuity a couple of years ago, Marvel fans went into a total spazz. But for DC fans, those reboots happen constantly. Now here they are again.

DC's continuity flip-flops are infamous among comics fans, including killing Red Arrow's daughter, raping and killing Elongated Man's wife, and killing the only new Asian character (The Atom) they've invented in years.

The downloading is a forward-looking thing that hasn't worked well for anyone yet. Good luck!

The revamping is a desperate, backward-looking thing that they've tried a half dozen times. Who are these changes for? Younger fans don't remember when Barbara Gordon could walk and was Batgirl. (For more on Batgirl's re-enabling, read this.)

It makes current fans spazz, it confuses non-fans, and DC gets a brief sales bump from people who won't come back for the next issue anyway. -- Joe Crowe

* * * * *

The acts of DC read like a desperate industry attempting to keep an archaic, nostalgia-driven format alive. The floppy individual issues have been dying for well over a decade in continuing downward spiral while the graphic novel format sales rise.

Individual comcs are way too expensive for the amount of entertainment, regardless of quality. I hope this DC fiasco will further hasten the demise of the whole flawed system. The fact that book publishers now successfully produce graphic novel bestsellers is a good indication of what the near future holds for the industry.

Within the decade, the floppy comic will go the way of the LP. Small arthouses will produce the occasional release, but for the most part, it will be gone. And so will most of the comic book shops. If your local shop doesn't devote most of their space to graphic novels by now, be prepared to say goodbye soon as they shutter their doors.

As the digital domain continues to rise, comic publishers will produce inexpensive chapters for e-reading only followed by graphic novel print editions of the entire story. It's the only thing that makes economic and artistic sense. -- Rick Klaw

* * * * *

My one shred of hope in all of this is that there is more to this story than we are hearing, and that eventually, this will all resolve into some interesting comics. -- Jay Willson

* * * * *

And they better not mess with Metamorpho, or they will be hearing from me in a strongly-worded blog post. -- Joe Crowe

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