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Trailer Probe: The Smurfs
Reviewed by Joe Crowe, © 2011

Format: Movie
By:   Smurf only knows
Genre:   Smurf
Review Date:   April 01, 2011

Trailer Probe watches smurf-related movie trailers to help you smurf your computer time wisely. Smurf explosion content is reasons you will smurf it, Gargamel disengagement level is why you won't. Geek smurf-plosion level is from zero to a billion. One billion is most smurfy.


Gargamel disengagement level: We finally get a look at Gargamel! He's Hank Azaria from Simpsons!

But more importantly: Azrael! The acting prowess of CGI cats is unparalleled.

I have no other negative things to say about this trailer. That is not the way of the Smurf.

Smurf explosion content: Modern slang terms are the bomb. So in this trailer, they add "smurf" to several of them. I hope there are more. LOTS MORE.

I dare hope for someone to say, "Smurf to the no."

Neil Patrick By God Harris is in this movie. He plays a human, most likely an awesome one. So does Emma from Glee, who is precious.



Special effects brought the Chipmunks back to us in computer-inserted wonder. Now its miracles are being worked on 80s Saturday morning cartoon icons The Smurfs.

Thank you, computers.

Wait! I forgot about another great thing! Poop jokes! Poop jokes make beloved childhood nostalgia acceptable to so-called adults.

So in this trailer, there are two poo-poo jokes. And they are glorious.

Geek smurf-splosion level: One billion.

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