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X-Men First Class Movie Super-Nerdy, As Is Right and Proper
Revolution News
© Joe Crowe
March 02, 2011

X-Men big cheese Bryan Singer is super-nerdy about the new X-movie, X-Men First Class. That is as it should be.

Matthew Vaughn from Kick-Ass is the director, Singer is the producer. It's a prequel to the other X-Men movies, and it takes place in the 1960s, with a young Professor X and Magneto.

Singer said in this interview his favorites in the new movie are Mystique and the Beast. He didn't direct the other movie appearance of the Beast in X-Men 3. So he didn't get the joy of working with Frasier. The new guy playing Beast is not Kelsey Grammer, but I will just have to live with it.

James McAvoy from Wanted plays Professor X. He said the movie is "kind of a love story, like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid."

Check out the sweet eyebrow arch on young Professor X.

Nightcrawler's father in the comics Azazel is in the movie. In the comics, he had an infamous storyline that had mutant angels and devils and I don't even want to talk about it.

Havok is Cyclops' younger brother in the comic books, but he's in the movie as a grown-up in the 1960s. Deep breaths. Deep breaths. OK.

Singer said, "The timeline is different. We take some liberties on that."

Singer said, "There are notions, but, um, I don’t want to give away certain interrelations, but let’s just say there are some things that do adhere to the comic books and do so in a way the fans will get a kick out of."

Whoooo-hoooooo! Um, I mean, fan pandering is not important! I want to see a good movie with feelings and such.

RevolutionSF's Joe Crowe don't know what to do with tossed salad and scrambled eggs.

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