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Dragon Age Web Series Stars Felicia Day, Elf Ears
Revolution News
© Joe Crowe, Shane Ivey
February 17, 2011

Felicia Day from The Guild will write and star in a web series based on the game Dragon Age. Dragon Age Redemption comes out this summer.

Day said in this interview that awesome monster-suit guy Doug Jones is in it.

This is totally a nerd-friendly project, combining Day with the subject matter. She said the Dragon Age game is "literally like a novel."

I'll let that slide, this once.

The story she described, where an elf chick seeks a wizard and meets a party to come along with her on a quest, sounds like every other fantasy movie. I hope the story has some wit and cleverness, since that's her thing.

Here's the site for the series, where you can take a look at Felicia Day's big ears. That's not a euphemism. Her ears really are huge. -- Joe Crowe

* * * * *

Felicia Day is terrific, but jeez. Dragon Age is a straightforward ripoff of Lord of the Rings by way of D&D and Oblivion. I don't recall ever seeing an on-screen fantasy story that ripped off Lord of the Rings that was any good at all, except for Lord of the Rings.

The stories are all so inherently derivative and hackneyed that they focus on the silly stuff -- elf ears and bombastic attitudes -- without having any of the depth or sadness of Tolkien's mythology to ground them.

So, um, I'll keep my fingers crossed. -- Shane Ivey

RevolutionSF's Joe Crowe and Shane Ivey have to use their real ears all the time, which sucks.

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