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Star Wars Millennium Falcon 3D Owners Guide
Reviewed by Joe Crowe, © 2010

Format: Book
Genre:   Star Wars
Review Date:   November 15, 2010
Audience Rating:   G
RevSF Rating:   8/10 (What Is This?)

"A computerized targeting system helps the pilot track fast moving targets, and the cannon fires blaster gas with great accuracy."

It's a book about the Millennium Falcon. Go ahead and buy it here.

The Millennium Falcon is the neatest ship in all of sci-fi anything. The 3D Owners Guide is a picture book about it. The book is a diagram of the ship in layers.

This is the kind of abject nerdiness that would have made me freak out when I was 8. It makes me freak out right now. It will make your kids freak, too, if you have raised them properly to appreciate a good spaceship.

I loved diagrams and maps of headquarters and spaceships then, and I love them now.

The Kessel Run is for punks.

The book details the ship in super-geeky ways that the movies would never address. They were too busy with the Force and the Ewoks and Luke this and Luke that to focus on the Millennium Falcon.

This makes up for that, almost. The diagrams are in character, as if it were an owners manual. I learned about items I had no idea I needed to learn about, such as Chedak frequency subspace radio and a Siep-Irol passive sensor antenna.

I found out that Bacta tanks are available from your local Corellian ship dealer (bacta sold separately.)

There are notes from "H. Solo" ("The cockpit's instrument panel lights are flashing more than usual. Chewie says we need a new integrator.")

The man who is not a system, Lando Calrissian, weighs in only once, about droid brains. I know Lando did not pilot the ship much, but I needed to hear from Lando.

These things tickle the imagination's sweet spots. The ideal way to enjoy this book is this:

1. Lay book on floor.
2. Open book.
3. Lie on belly.
4. Drink chocolate milk.
5. Read book.
6. Spill chocolate milk all over the good carpet.
7. Wipe up milk before mom and/or wife and/or child finds out.
8. Repeat.

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