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Avengers Assemble: The Series
Reviewed by Joe Crowe, © 2010

Format: Humor
Genre:   Superhero comedy
Review Date:   October 08, 2010
RevSF Rating:   8/10 (What Is This?)

Avengers Assemble is Avengers comedy sketches, starring funny people in costume as Marvel's Avengers. I wish I thought of it. Also, I wish I had a Hawkeye costume.

Everybody thinks the Avengers are so cool now, but some of us were already in the know. Some buddies and I wrote books about the Avengers (Assembled and Assembled 2, available at fine Internets everywhere). These guys whomped up super-fun videos.

Each is no longer than 5 minutes, so they're good for wasting a moment at work. There is some naughty language, so you might not want to watch them during church (or without headphones.)

The scripts show off nerdy Marvel knowledge, so it's not just cheap jokes about guys wearing costumes. There are too-easy references to alcoholic Iron Man and abused Wasp. But I let that go, because Thor discusses how he deals with his HMO.

Here is the show's page. All the episodes are worth a watch. So here we go.

Health care

Tony Stark answers health insurance questions. Miracole Burns as Ms. Marvel steals the whole episode.

"Yea, Donald Blake be of this realm, but his deductible be too high." -- Thor.


"MODOK has released a nerve gas over New York City. Gonna need you guys to get on that ASAP." -- Tony Stark

Oil Spill

Sub-Mariner appears, covered in oil and gunk. The Avengers debate helping out with oil spill cleanup.

"Hydra is the parent company of Disney, Snapple, and the Utah Jazz." -- Ms. Marvel

The Middle East

Thor's solution: Send in Jesus.

"The Inhumans would be like Turkey, since we're friends for the most part, but they're into space stuff." -- Scarlet Witch

Office Romance

Hawkeye has good lines in the other four, but this one is all him. He gives Wonder Man advice on how to pick up super-ladies.

"You gotta keep her confidence low. But you gotta be playful about how you do it." -- Hawkeye

All the episodes are crammed with good comedy. Watch. Enjoy. Consider the difficulty of getting good health coverage if you're a mutant.

RevolutionSF's Joe Crowe wrote for those Avengers books, but he didn't get to wear a sweet cape like the Thor guy. Sigh. Deep sigh.

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