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Sci-Fi TV Not Not On DVD: Six Million Dollar Man, Bionic Woman
Revolution News
© Joe Crowe
July 22, 2010

Six Million Dollar Man and Bionic Woman will be out on DVD in 2010, said TV Shows on DVD.

Congratulations, DVD people. Both shows have only been on bootleg tape tables at sci-fi conventions for 20 years.

But I would not know anything about that, officers. Buying shows that you want to see is wrong.

Bionic Woman comes out Oct. 19. It's just the first season, but that will do for now. Here's the list of extra stuff.

These will be the soothing balm that helps us recover from the Bionic Woman remake. But if you want to subject yourself to what I thought about that, you can do so here..

Six Million Dollar Man is out in a complete-series set in November. It will include all the episodes, including the ones that crossed over with Bionic Woman. And it will include all the reunion movies, which I videotaped when they ran on TV because it was the Bionic Man, people.

The second reunion movie Bionic Showdown in 1989, had Sandra Bullock in her first TV acting job. She gets bionic. With a whooshing rainbow-color the bionic sound and everything. The report doesn't mention that.

You're glad you know that now. You might not think you are glad. But it'll come to you.

All kids deserve to do like we did, and make the "Da -- na -- na -- na" sound effect when they run very slowly.

It taught character. But mainly patience, unless you did like me and gave up halfway to the playground.

RevolutionSF's Joe Crowe drew the bionic arm stuff on his arm to simulate bionics. Hardcore, is what that is.

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