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Sci Fi Hall of Lame : Star Wars Roger-Roger Droids
© Joe Crowe
June 23, 2010

The Sci Fi Hall of Lame inductees track mud into the house of nerdiness. So we must hose them down.

Star Wars Prequel Roger-Roger Droids

One of the inestimable rankles perpetrated on us by The Phantom Menace and the ensuing prequels is these additions to the Imperial forces.

They strut to battle on chicken legs, with their robot tailbones stuck into the air as if to say they are better than us.

They say "Roger Roger" often.

Look, we like Roger Waters from Pink Floyd, too. However, service to Chancellor Palpatine requires that we be serious for five seconds.

The beautifully silent destroyer droids could roll themselves up and put up force fields. But the Roger Roger droids could roll into the fetal position for storage.

If only we could do the same.

"So I was listening to "Comfortably Numb" and . . . dude. The lights on that door totally look like lightsabers! That is freaking me out."

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