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RevolutionSF Interview : Iron Sky Director Timo Vuorensola
© Matt Cowger
June 01, 2010

RevSF got the chance to speak to Timo Vuorensola, the director of Iron Sky, a Nazi sci-fi comedy movie (you read that right). Check out the movie trailers here.

Matt Cowger: How did the idea for Iron Sky originate?

Timo Vuorensola: We were working on our previous film, Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning, and after one long shooting day sat down together in a sauna and discussed the possible future films.

One of the scriptwriters of Star Wreck, Jarmo Puskala, had this idea about Nazis on the Moon, and he spat the idea on the table. At first, we were a bit reluctant, since we still had our previous project under way, and the scale sounded massive, but after the film was eventually finished, we returned to the idea and decided it sounds so damn cool we just have to do it.

MC: How has public response been so far?

TV: Mostly very positive. Of course there are people who are a bit afraid of the topic, but basically everyone agrees that this is a once-in-a-lifetime -concept and the film will be a real kick-ass.

MC: It looks like you are going for a mix of CGI and live action. Have you already done your casting?

TV: Yes, we've cast about half of the roles for the film. We're going to shoot the film partly in Germany, partly in Australia, and the German casting is more or less finished. Main roles will be played by Julia Dietze, Götz Otto and Udo Kier.

MC: What is your time line until a release date is announced?

TV: Depends on few factors, but the scheduled release for Iron Sky is late in 2011.

MC: Did you look into some of the crazy mythology surrounding the Nazis, such as the Thule Society, etc., for your ideas?

TV: Oh yes, I've read a heap of books about the subjects around the Nazi mythos and Hitler's secret weapons.

MC: The music on the trailer & footage is perfect, how big is that going to feature in the film?

TV: Laibach, who composed the music for the second teaser (the footage) will be composing the music for the film with a British artist Ben Watkins. I've defined that I want a soundtrack that builds the world around Iron Sky as much as Vangelis' soundtrack built the world of Blade Runner. so it's playing a big role.

MC: What are some of the challenges you've had putting together this project?

TV: We're from Finland, which is not a country to start out a bigger-budget projects -- and in US standards, it's still a low-budget sci-fi film. So there's been some challenge in organizing the funding. Also, the topic is not the easiest one, specifically, when it's a Nazi comedy.

It's also a film that should look and feel much bigger than our budget would allow, so we need to find very clever ways to make it happen.

MC: Are you going to be selling Iron Sky merchandise? I know I'd kill for a shirt.

TV: Yes we are! Just check in to the store and find what you like!

MC: Any projects planned after this one?

TV: There is some. I'm working on one horror-story, and Samuli, our CGI wizard has a new Star Wreck in progress. Other ideas have been popping up every now and then, even a sequel to Iron Sky, but we'll see where we eventually land.

MC: In addition to merchandise, fans can invest in the movie and demand to see it in their home city. The trailers alone are great, so we have some serious hope this movie gets finished.

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