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Sci Fi Moms : Big Bang Theory, Lost, Star Trek
© Joe Crowe
May 07, 2010

Moms in sci-fi have it rough. But these rare few refuse to be kidnapped and blown up. Even if you disagree, you will sit there until you finish.


Mother of Aaron, Lost

It's difficult to be a mom when you hang out on a freaky island where psychos want your babies. It's just like hanging around at your child's school for more than five minutes.

Claire left her baby with Merry the Hobbit, who waited about three seconds before handing him off to Crazy Ass Delenn from Babylon 5. Then Claire took baby medicine from Juliet, although Juliet hung out with the people who kidnapped and experimented on Claire.

Claire shows us the first step is to trust. All that trusting is going so well for her.


Mother of Flippy-Hair Jerk-Ass, new V

Juliet from Lost died, then became a cop, then aliens invaded. Clearly, the island is just screwing with her.

The boy has the hot pants for the alien leader's hot daughter, despite his terrible haircut that went out with Toad the Wet Sprocket. Sso he hangs out where his mom isn't. Her son is on that ship.

He is always on that ship. But she continues to tell everyone, "My son is on that ship."

A good parent shares information. So Juliet lets everyone know at least 18 times per episode: "My son is on that ship."


Mother of Sheldon, hot sister, unnamed brother, Big Bang Theory

Super-genius Sheldon brashly questions the nature of the universe. His devout mother has a hotline straight to the Almighty. So she's responsible for Sheldon not being struck by lightning. So far, anyway.


Mother of Iceman and his snitch brother, X-Men 2

Mothers have always said if you kept doing that, you would freeze that way.

Iceman's mom proved all mothers are always right.


Mother of Puggsley, Wednesday, and Pubert

Morticia is raising Wednesday, whose horrendous black soul is a terrifying vortex of anguish that will drain all life and hope from the very universe. Morticia is so proud.


Mother of Molly and Kirayoshi, Deep Space Nine

Keiko is a working mother of two on Deep Space Nine. She and chief engineer Miles are the only successful couple in the entire history of any generation of Star Trek.

Everyone else died or broke up, or broke up then died. Meanwhile, Keiko had two kids: The oldest got ten years older in a time portal, thus providing the rarest of Mother's Day presents: Skipping potty training.

The next one was born in Bajoran hard-ass Kira's womb. The Prophets only know where that's been.

Not Billy's mother.


Mother of Billy, Gremlins

Ripley may be a tough chick in space, where no one can hear you scream. But in the suburbs, everyone can hear you scream. Ripley had trouble with one little alien. Billy's mom killed three Gremlins all by herself, all with kitchen appliances. After witnessing that grisly aftermath, Billy learned how important it is to follow rules. All three of them. How hard was that, Billy? Seriously.

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