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Lost Thoughts : The Package
© Peggy Hailey and Mark Finn
April 06, 2010

Peggy Hailey (not in italics) and Mark Finn (in italics) try to understand the last season of Lost.

Okay, that? Was an enjoyable hour of TV.

Maybe it was just seeing Jin and Sun together again (even if it was only in the alt-verse, and even if the prognosis is not so good there). How long can they be on the same filking island, in the same filking time period, both aware that the other one is a) alive and b) on the island and NOT find each other?

Oh, I feel your frustration, there. I've always wondered: are the islands so big that yelling doesn't work? I'm really enjoying the alt-verse glimpses, if for no other reason than they are a constant surprise for me. What's different, what's changed, and etc. are fascinating, since the implication is that a number of small changes had to occur along the way, as well. I feel, though, as if we're heading for a big super collision in the alt-verse. We've got the Kate-Sawyer-Miles thing all cued up, too, so it's really a matter of making it all seem less coincidental and more inevitable.

Maybe it was the sheer snarkaliciousness:

Frank responding to Miles's assertion that Sun understanding English but only speaking Korean makes no sense: "Says the guy who talks to ghosts."

Ben: "For the 4th time, I was gathering mangoes and I found her lying there. Why don't you believe me?"

Ilana: "Because you're talking."

Sawyer, responding to un-Locke's assertion that if he could turn to smoke and fly across the water, he wouldn't still be trapped on the island: "Yeah, because THAT'D be ridiculous."

Sayid, having just told Locke that he feels nothing, gets shot with a tranquilizer dart: "Ouch!"

Yeah, a real 10 on the Snark-o-Meter. Sawyer was always good at it, but now, at the end, when the gloves are off, everyone gets a crack in. Even Frank, one of the more level-headed guys, lobs a grenade at Miles. Loved it.

I thought Ben's scene finding Sun was pretty good -- he certainly seemed sincere, and there was no one else around to impress, so maybe he really has turned a corner.

I'm telling you, I am a LOT smarter than I look.

Speaking of Jin and Sun and the alt-verse of doom, why do you suppose everything went kerblooey for them? As of yet, neither is on Team Smokey. Is is not enough to be anti-Smokey? Must you also be pro-Jacob to get a happy ending? That would explain Rose's terminal cancer, I suppose, but it also really sucks, given that many of the Losties (and most of the audience) have no reason to be pro-Jacob right now. So far, the best that can be said for Jacob is that he's not Smokey and he does a really good Sad Face.

My first thought was, they are clearly not going to be the one. I mean, finalists, yes, but still with too much baggage to pull it off. I'd be more inclined to think that, as a couple, they were candidates, but one cannot work without the other. Not a good idea, if you're trying to keep the island secure. I think you DO have to pick a side right now: that's what this is all about. If Jacob and Esau are gods, then each person backing them makes them stronger. No one gets to sit the final showdown out.

I cannot watch Keamy die often enough. If Lindelof and Cuse love me, they'll find a way to make Keamy die in every episode left.

How did Unkillable Mikhail (Patchy!) end up working for the bad guys (and looking at least a decade younger? The island definitely needs more moisturizers.

Given his jack-in-the-box tendencies on the island, is he really most sincerely dead, or did Jin just give him his patch back? Mikhail was on my list of things I wanted to see before the end, so hopefully that means a Libby sighting soon.

I think that, literally, he was tossed in for us. A box to check off. He could have been goon number 4, but they thought, instead, hey, let's throw them a bone. However, I do second your emotion for more Libby. Don't know if she's in Hurley's alt-story, but I really hope so. Just to know she's not punked there, either.

What's the deal with Sun's aphasia? Punishment, so she can't help the Jacobites? Simply a neat twist on her and Jin's communication abilities when they arrived on the island? Or the alt-verse leaking through and affecting things in the island universe (perhaps the alt-verse is growing stronger)?

Sun had her alt-verse mirror scene, remember, and she looked like she saw something funny, then touched her forehead right as our Sun hit the tree.

I'm still thinking like a writer, here, but I think it's a nice reversal on their starting point. I think she'll get her voice back, just in time to do something with it. So, it'll end up being important, but for right now, it's just ironic.

I'm not overly fond of Zoe (I may just be bitter about having to remember yet another new person), but I must admit that her "Dammit Jim, I'm a geophysicist, not a mercenary!" line was funny.

As much as they're painting Widmore as anti-Smokey, he sent a freighter full of mercenaries to kill every living thing on the island. That's exactly what Smokey wants. And as for the "confrontation" between Widmore and un-Locke, why couldn't un-Locke just kick over or undermine one of those pylons? They're not the sturdiest-looking things in the world.

The smoke moves in mysterious ways. They did have a Star Trek quality to them, unlike the big perimeter fence. Maybe it's just a "rule" that he has to play by. As for Zoe, didn't we see her before? I thought she was someone from the first or second season who had three lines and then died. Maybe I'm misremembering. As for Widmore, I'm convinced that, whatever the power play is between good and evil on the island, he's personally up to no good. He's the real badguy in all of this.

And of course, there's our package. Yes, our Very Special Snowflake makes his return to the island (and not willingly, given the padlock on his door). Was he drugged because they kidnapped him, or because everyone has to be drugged when you try to approach the island and they just totally screwed up the dosage for him and no one else on board?

Why does Widmore want to bring Jin and Desmond together? Why will everyone they love "cease to be" if Smokey wins? Given Sun's state in the alt-verse and Penny's absence, it seems more likely that Sun, Ji-Yeon and Penny will cease to be if Jacob wins.

And as an aside, Jin looking at pictures of his daughter killed me. Kudos to Daniel Dae Kim.

Maybe if Smoky wins, the "Alt-Verse" takes over and becomes the actual timeline. Which, you know, wouldn't be a bad thing. I think that, given the circumstances, he was drugged. Remember, there's a life waiting for him that he got lost in. Wait, uh oh.

Yeah, Kim is a great actor. Say what you will about even the irritating characters, but the cast on this show was really great all around.

And kudos as well to Matthew Fox for Jack & Sun's beach chat. Jack is much less irritating as a Man of Faith, but he's always done the one-on-one beach chats really well: with Rose, with Ana-Lucia, with Juliet, and even with Kate.

So where do we stand now? Are Widmore and Ben really on the same team?> Is that going to work? Could Smokey never get to Hydra Island in smoke-form, or is it only since he's been trapped in Locke's form that he must travel there corporeally (because he had to get there somehow to become un-Locke)? What is it that Desmond can do that will help? Why did Widmore choose geophysicists instead of mercenaries this time?

Will Smokey really let Claire kill Kate? Can we donate money to see that happen?) Is Claire really anti-Kate, or is she now playing the "friend" who lied to her? Because whatever Dogen says, Claire is clearly not in the same place as Bad Seed Sayid. Crazy and confused, yes, but not an unfeeling zombie assassin.

All of these are brilliant questions, and frankly, at this point, I have NO idea. There have already been a couple of twists and turns for me, and I'm totally flummoxed as to what happens next. I know what I WANT to happen. And who I want to die. (KATE!) But I think that this next episode will start to loosen all of that up. At this point, we're at the top of the big hill on the roller coaster. Everything left is the downhill plunge.

I'm living for Tuesdays now. Between Lost and Justified, I'm a happy, happy man.

Read more from Peggy at Rampant Biblioholism.

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