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Joe R. Lansdale 67-Word Weird Horror Contest Winners : Day 4
© RevolutionSF contest survivors
April 06, 2010

We got your winners right here for RevolutionSF's Best of Joe R. Lansdale contest. Your challenge: Write a weird horror story in 67 words.

So many of you whomped up good ones that we're spreading the love for five days. One winner per day, with a few excellently weird runners-up.

Today's winner:


The secretary put the small brown box on the desk of Jack Watts, head of Warner Brothers’ animation department, and skittered away.

"Is it true?" Jack asked, absent-mindedly opening the box. "Has Bugs Bunny really joined Al-Qaeda?"

A nervous, sweaty underling adjusted his collar as Jack’s hand reached into the box and reappeared holding a bright red cylindrical object.

A lit stick of dynamite. -- Philip Burch

Excellently weird runners-up

Belly Laughs

The Clown undid the stitches of his Y-section, opening him up like a zipper.

Reaching inside, pulling out his entrails, wet and slippery in his stiff palsied fingers.

He struggled to make a giraffe, a bicycle and a bow ‘n’ arrow for the birthday boy and his friends.

In a world where the dead had risen, this was the only way he could make a living. -- Lex Talionis

* * * * *

Retribution 101

I got called into the principal’s office today for flicking boogers at Bobby Meyers. He totally deserved it. He put a bag of dog shit in my locker. Seriously, that’s gross. At least you can eat boogers. Not that I’d eat someone else’s boogers. Wait’ll he sees what I’ve put in his locker . . . just a few more minutes. The principal's head is harder to remove than it looks. -- Desmond Reddick

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