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Who View : Doctor Who Season 5 Preview
© Alan Riquelmy
March 31, 2010

Alan Riquelmy wraps his fragile little mind around the brand-new Doctor Who.

Who is back, and no one could be happier than me.

There’s a few reasons why I’m psyched about the next season of British sci-fi show Doctor Who, which has its first episode of the new season air in the UK on April 3.

For one, I was ready for David Tennant to leave.

I know, I know. The fans love him, he was voted the most favorite Doctor ever, he is an amazing actor that no one could ever match. Whatever.

Look at the classic series and you’ll see a vast majority of Doctors hung around for three seasons tops, with the exception of Tom Baker. The character is made to have a different actor play the role. It was time for Tennant to shuffle off.

Look at the writing for Tennant’s last season. The four episodes, spread out over the whole of 2009, were more action flicks than Who episodes.

Tennant’s height was "Blink" and "The Girl in the Fireplace."

The new guy, No. 11, is Matt Robert Smith, who was 26 when it was announced he would take the TARDIS key. There’s some ado over his age, with headlines such as “Toddler in the Tardis” appearing in Britain. I don’t so much care about how old he is. It’s well established that physical appearance for Time Lords doesn’t equal physical age, meaning that if Smith can act, then we have nothing to worry about.

In Tennant’s first episode, he swaggered around in his bedclothes asking what type he’d be. We learned soon enough with scenes showing a warmer, friendlier Doctor who took time to eat with Rose’s mom, something No. 9 would never do.

So far, there are a few clips floating around. Here's a gaggle of clips from the new guys.

My two decades of watching Who have taught me patience.

You may have cried when Christopher Eccleston left and Tennant took his place, then slowly grew into the new guy. You certainly bawled when Colin Baker first put on that awful coat and strangled companions.

But even he slowly changed into the caring two-hearted alien we’ve known since an old man first appeared in a junkyard and badgered two school teachers who followed his granddaughter home.

Then, as now, we have to take a couple of breaths and watch each episode as it comes, with no expectations. Because right now, we really don’t know who the new guy is. He’s the Doctor, the same guy who bore a scarf and raced after the Key to Time. But at the same time, No. 11 is a blank slate, a new personality.

Right before No. 10 regenerated, he looked ready to cry as he uttered, "I don’t want to go." Tennant’s Doctor knew he would change forever, and it scared him.

But that same Doctor looked at Sarah Jane Smith for the first time in 500 years and remembered everything they’d been through.

It’s a different actor, but it’s the same show we’ve all watched for years. I’m ready for some new memories.

All of Alan Riquelmy's reviews of Doctor Who season 5 are right here.

Here's the show's official site.

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