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Star Trek World Record Could Not Possibly Be A World Record
Revolution News
© Joe Crowe
February 19, 2010

99 people in Star Trek costumes is a world record. Really. This story presents me with a smelly burst of uncertainty.

The event was at the Millennium Bridge in London, England, to promote the launch of the MMO game Star Trek Online. So they got fans in costume, and the Guiness Book of World Records game players edition people came out, and now it's a world record. Here's a video of the event. It looks like everybody had fun, but still: world record?

So no one questioned that just 99 costumed Trek fans is a world record, even though thousands have gone to humongous sci-fi conventions for almost 50 years.

Thousands are doing it right now. There are more than 99 people in Trek costumes at a sci-fi con somewhere even as I type this. You, reading this, may be at one. I bet you could scrounge up 99 fans in Trek costumes in 10 minutes. 5, if you're in the dealer's room.

Maybe, I thought, the record is really specific. But nope.

It states, "largest gathering of Star Trek fans dressed in character." Not largest in England. Not largest on a bridge. Not largest in England on a bridge.

I'll give you that it may not be a record at a convention, because the thousands of people who go to cons are not all in Trek costumes. All the others are Darth Maul or a Jedi in a robe.

I'll give you that no one thought to certify a Trek costume gathering as a world record. Considering all the stuff Trek fans do at cons, including Klingon beauty pageants, it's hard to believe that nobody ever thought to try for a world record.

And if, truly, no one thought of it before now: Trekkers, look ashamed. SeaQuest DSV fans are only 100 people away from beating your ass.

RevolutionSF's Joe Crowe tasks me.

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