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Sci-Fi Remake Central: Predators, Sin City 2, Children of the Corn
© Joe Crowe
September 28, 2009

Sci-Fi Remake Newsblast tries desperately to keep track of all the sequels and the remakes of sci-fi stuff. Sigh.

Predators vs. Trejo

Danny Trejo said, "We'll be doing Predator in about a month."

And that's all he said in this interview. Predators vs. the bartender from Anchorman would be excellent. But the best part is, the interviewer calls him a "living actor."

Sin City 2: "Kind of, Uh, A Thought Process"

Trejo said that about Sin City 2 in the interview above. That means that, like all movies, they'll do it when they stop thinking.

Children of the Corn Remake Bursts Out Of Shuck

A bunch of sci-fi and horror flicks are getting sequels and remakes! Bob Weinstein of Dimension Films said "I'm going back to what I do best." I thank him for announcing them all at once, instead of drizzling out semi-news for months about how they hired a writer. Now I don't have to follow these until they hire Megan Fox to be in them all.

Sequels: Monica from Friends and the other survivors will do Scream 4. There will be 3-D sequels to Spy Kids, Halloween III, Hellraiser, and Scanners.

I've read nothin' about Rob Zombie doing Halloween III. Maybe it will be a remake of the original Halloween III, where the snakes came out of the pumpkins. That was not cool.

Remakes: Children of the Corn, Short Circuit, and An American Werewolf in London. These are no longer movies, they are marketing opportunities.

Buy Children of the Corn brand corn! Our corn is so delicious you'll kill the adults who come wandering into town!

RevolutionSF's Joe Crowe walks behind the rows.

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