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Video Probe: Dr. Horrible Invades the Emmys
© Joe Crowe
September 21, 2009

Video Probe helps you waste your Internet time wisely.

Dr. Horrible At The Emmys

Dork disengagement level: If you do not like Dr. Horrible then you should step back and take a look at yourself. Maybe you do not like fun. Or musicals.

You might not even like RevolutionSF's reviews of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. But here is our review of part 1 and 2 and part 3 anyway.

Geek explosion content: "Sofa monkeys."

Dr. Horrible and Captain Hammer and the girl who got spoiler warninged return in an all-new bit of comedy aired live for the crowd at the Emmy Awards. It was fun to hear Hollywood celebrities laughing. It's like they're people.

Sure, it's only three minutes long. But it's three brand-new minutes of good stuff from Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion. And that will have to do. We could also watch them on their TV shows How I Met Your Mother and Castle, because they need money for food.

"Don't worry, America. I've mastered this Internet."

Geek explosion level: 1 billion geek parts.

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