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Comic Book Newsblast : Comic-Con 2009
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July 26, 2009

Here’s the deal: Over 120,000 people attended the San Diego Comic-Con this year. So are you glad you were not one of them? No? Here’s an overview of comic book news announced at the big show.


Geoff Johns is writing the ongoing Flash monthly after Flash: Rebirth finishes. Sterling Gates will write a new Kid Flash monthly. A new speedster emerges in Rebirth. It’s not Sugar or Spike . . . Johns assured readers he and Green Lantern Corps writer Peter Tomasi will stay on GL titles for a long time . . . New JLA writer James Robinson announced the new team will include Mon-el, Dick Grayson Batman, Donna Troy, Hal Jordan , and Vixen. Kind of a weird group, but when he mentioned Congorilla would also appear, all was good in the world . . .

DC now owns rights to THUNDER Agents, and will introduce them into the DC Universe, same as they are doing with Archie and Milestone superheroes. Hey, it only took the death of the previous owner to make it happen . . . The JSA team is spinning off a new title, JSA: All Stars, with writer Matt Sturges.

. . . Scott Ian from rock group Anthrax is writing a Lobo series with artist Sam Keith. Ian plans to write more for DC. . . . Eric Wallace, writer of Eureka on Syfy, will write one Teen Titans comic, and Felicia Henderson of Fox’s Fringe writes the other. Soon all comic book writers will be moonlighters from their day jobs.

. . . Vertigo plans a new Road to Perdition book with Max Allan Collins . . . Christos Gage developed a new Vertigo project, Area 10 . . . Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon of Casanova fame will produce Daytripper for Vertigo . . . Grant Morrison has a wacky new Vertigo series called Joe the Barbarian

. . . Josh Dysart developed a 160-page hardcover graphic novel based on Neil Young’s Greendale album. Wow! 160 pages of Neil Young? . . . Vertigo's coolest project announcement is Chris Roberson and Mike Allred’s series I, Zombie, which promises a fresh take on the zombie subculture. Maybe it’s a part of the Neil Young story . . . Bill Willingham says doing 100 issues of Fables was a lot of fun, so they decided they want to do 100 more. His nose did not grow when he said it. . . .

DC Animation will produce animated shorts for DC cartoon DVDs. One of the first is a Jonah Hex short by writer and all-around good guy Joe R. Lansdale . . . The Superman/Batman: Public Enemies DVD, based on Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness’ comic series will be out in September . . . Oh, yeah, actor Gary Oldman sneaked con-goers by noting that the next Batman movie would start filming in 2010.


Marvel had more news besides the Miracleman thing . . . Writer Charlie Huston is producing a new Deathlok series. Hopefully, it’s better than that last two attempts to revive this guy . . . In November, Spider-Man will star in an online original series on Marvel Comics Digital Unlimited, written by Bob Gale and drawn by Patrick Oliffe . . . X-Force moves to a Necrosha a crossover series tying into New Mutants and X-Men Legacy series. An X- crossover series? Wow! What an idea!

. . . Dark Reign will end with Norman Osborn as the new President of the U.S. President Obama wants to know who he pissed off at Marvel. . . . Reggie Hudlin and Denys Cowan will produce Captain America / Black Panther: Flags of Our Fathers, a World War II story noting the first meeting of Black Panther's father and Cap. . . . X-Men Noir will get a sequel, Mark of Cain.

. . . Allan Heinberg is supposedly writing a massive project starring the Young Avengers. Considering Heinberg’s track record, it should be finished around 2020. . . . Rick Remender is is writing Doctor Voodoo: Avenger of the SupernaturalI guess that means the Brother earned his doctorate. . . . Marvel and Japan animation studio Madhouse are working together to produce Marvel anime, starting with Iron Man and Wolverine, the first of four planned series, written by Warren Ellis . . . Marvel Super-Hero Squad is an all-ages cartoon for Cartoon Network this fall, which features all of the Marvel characters with giant heads and little bodies.

Dark Horse

Gerard Way, lead singer of My Chemical Romance and writer of Umbrella Academy, announced new series The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys, with co-writer Shaun Simon and artist Becky Cloonan. Sounds fab-u-lous. Next Umbrella Academy arc will be "Hotel Oblivion," also by Way . . . Rafael Grampa revealed his Furry Water six-issue series coming out this year. Cats seem to want nothing to do with it, however.

Jim Shooter returns (again) to comics, producing new comics from Gold Key characters Doctor, Solar: Man of Atom, Mighty Samson, Turok, and Magnus Robot Fighter. . . . Eric Powell is writing the screenplay for a Goon movie . . . The illustrated novel Baltimore is being made into a comic book, by Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden. Technically, an illustrated novel is already a comic book. But hey, they are the professionals.

Batman co-creator Jerry Robinson will release two graphic novels of Jet Scott in 2010, based on a newspaper series Robinson did early in his career. . . . Brad Meltzer writes the next arc for Buffy the Vampire Slayer . . . Joss Whedon will be doing a tie-in comic for his 2010 movie Cabin in the Woods. No word if the script features any people. Maybe it’s just two hours of a cabin in the woods.

Oni Press

6th Gun is a supernatural Western from The Damned team of Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt . . . Scott Pilgrim will be a movie and a video game, and Bryan Lee O’Malley has a lot of the 6th, and final, book finished. O’Malley says that will be the final issues of the series forever. Noooooo!.


World War Z writer Max Brooks is writing a G.I. Joe mini-series . . . Good Charlotte guitarist Billy Martin is creating Vitriol the Hunter . . . J. Scott Campbell’s Danger Girl will be collected in a deluxe hardcover. That’s good, because fans have been absolutely clamoring for a 42nd printing of this series.

Jeff Smith announced that he will produce new Bone stories for Scholastic.


Jack Kirby’s Fighting American is the latest in the long line of old characters being revived by Alex Ross and crew. If you’re from the Golden Age, watch out for Alex Ross! He wants you!

See? You didn’t even need to attend the Con. You’re welcome.

Comics editor Jay Willson used to attend the San Diego Comics Con every year, but eventually realized that spending four days standing in line is truly the mark of insanity.

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