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Reviewed by Matt Cowger, © 2009

Format: Movie
By:   D. Marcel Sarmiento & Gadi Harel
Genre:   Zombie horror
Review Date:   June 18, 2009
RevSF Rating:   7/10 (What Is This?)

This was a limited release movie that got a lot of chatter on the film festival circuit. It is rightly deserved. Deadgirl does the one thing that horror movies are supposed to do and does it completely; it makes you really uncomfortable.

The premise is straightforward. Two wrong side of the tracks high school guys go to an abandoned mental hospital to drink beers and root around. In the basement they find a girl chained to a bed naked and covered with a clear plastic tarp. They discover she is alive, sort of.

The girl is essentially a zombie and can’t be killed. What follows is a story of rape, social and power struggles and what is right and what is wrong in this jacked up world they live in and then make worse for themselves.

There are some VERY graphic scenes that make this movie a must avoid for people with low thresholds for extreme behavior and violence. It is definitely a film you only really need to watch once.

There is a lot to think and talk about in the aftermath of watching it, in much the same way people would talk about after just witnessing a very bloody car accident.

If you get to the other side of this movie, you will point out the scar it left on you. Aside from the slightly predictable ending, this film grabs you by the septum with pliers and makes you watch it. Still, it isn’t for everyone and I am putting some road flares up around it for people that have sensitive dispositions, even a tad.

Otherwise it is a really horrific horror film. In every sense of the concept.

Matt "KaosDevice" Cowger would be known as 'deadnerd’ if he was found in a basement as a zombie.

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