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RevolutionSF Newsblast : Joss Whedon, Harry Harrison, Nebula Awards, Cyborg Suit
Revolution News
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April 27, 2009

RevolutionSF covers science fiction awards like no one else. Literally. We don't cut and paste a list even once. Today's sponsor: Soylent Green Is People!

Joss Whedon Gets An Award Spectrally

Joss Whedon got the Ray Bradbury Award at the Nebulas, and he whomped up an excellent acceptance speech.

"I am filming a movie that I feel certain will cause you to take this award away from me."

Stainless Steel Rat Creator Is Our Grand Master Now

This year's Nebula Awards. Ursula K. Le Guin won another one. Harry Harrison got named a Grand Master. The creator of Bill the Galactic Hero and Stainless Steel Rat wrote the original story that became the movie Soylent Green. Just give him the prize already! Wait, they just did.

Man Invents Cybernetic Suit, Names it HAL, Dooms Us All

A scientist invented a suit that amplifies its wearers' strength from two to ten times. The plus side: It looks really neat. The minus: If someone cannot lift squat, then the suit amplifies squat times ten, which equals jack squat.

But he invented a suit that does things for people, and named it HAL, after the machine in 2001 that does things for people then goes crazy and kills Dave.

That would be like inventing a lawn mower and naming it Foot Chopper.

Chalk up another victory for Joe Crowe's spirit.

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