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Superhero Movie Newsblast: Wolverine, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Green Lantern
Revolution News
© Joe Crowe
April 06, 2009

Superhero Movie Newsblast retrieves what nuggets of real news exist from the swirling abysses of misinformation that are news stories about superhero movies.

Embarrass Wolverine Movie Actors In Your Own Hometown

X-Men Origins Wolverine, the superhero movie with the inappropriately long title, may premiere in your hometown. You have to win a contest first, but that's true about everything.

The city with the most votes gets the premiere. Hot dang! I can't wait to introduce Momma to the Blob!

Ben Affleck Rebukes Daredevil

Oh, Ben! How could you?

Ben Affleck said "That experience was not that much fun."

Well, duh, it wasn't for me either, but man up. Superhero movies are the only movies worth doing.

Spider-Man 4 Not Not Happening

Sam Raimi says he expects the script for the movie in three months. No, by all means, take your time, writers. We're too busy watching movies with dogs dying in them now anyways.

Iron Man 2: No Demon In A Bottle In A Movie

Robert Downey Jr. said they won't do the Iron Man comic storyline "Demon in A Bottle" in the new movie.

I read the comic. It's good. But 95 percent of movies today are already about alcoholics. What for do they have to get all up in our superhero movies too?

Hot Young Captain Kirk Is Not Green Lantern

Chris Pine plays Captain Kirk in the new Star Trek movie, but he says he has not talked to the Green Lantern movie people.

Good job easing off the gas, Mr. Pine. One superhero at a time. At the rate he's going, he'll be Elongated Man by August.

RevolutionSF's Joe Crowe really was a good dog.

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