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Watchmen Comic Book : RevolutionSF Recall
© Joe Crowe
March 05, 2009

RevolutionSF wrote about the Watchmen comic book, since it's kind of a big deal. You should already own it, so we won't tell you again. Except this once.

Who Reads the Watchmen?

Rick Klaw's guide for non-geeks to the comic book. Ahem. Excuse me, graphic novel.

A Quick Review

Deanna Toxopeus read it for the first time.

Watchmen Rocks

This comic really did help move the medium into the world of adult fiction. The story is brutal, fast and smart. The backstory is touching and the the end game of the comic just can't be beat. This was a comic that really changed things back in the 80's and is still as viable and as good a read now as it was then. -- Matt Cowger

The Silk Spectre is based, in part, on the Black Canary. Not Wonder Woman. Not Jean Grey. The Black Canary. Who's the second stringer now? -- Deanna Toxopeus

Watchmen Sucks

I'm just not a Dave Gibbons fan. I find his art work clunky and not really to my taste. I hate that everyone keeps calling it a graphic novel when it is really a collection of individual issues of a limited run comic series, but I am nit-picky like that. -- Matt Cowger

The death of Bubastis. I get why, but come on! The beloved pet is not supposed to die. Bad form. -- Deanna Toxopeus

Comics of 1986: #4

Watchmen came in at number 4 in our list of the best comics of 1986.

Comic Book vs. Graphic Novel

Jeff Ward talks about calling Watchmen a "graphic novel."

Watchmen Motion Comic

You can buy a "motion comic" of the comic book. It's the comic book, but it moves. It moves! Here's what we thunk.

Who Watches the Watchmen? We All Should

Kenn McCracken whomped up this look at the comic book in 2001. If someone back then told us there would be a Watchmen movie, we would have laughed and laughed and laughed. But nobody's laughing now.

RevolutionSF could keep our opinions about this to ourselves. But that would not be fair to you.

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