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RevolutionSF Newsblast : Gaiman, Red Dwarf, Zork
Revolution News
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February 04, 2009

RevolutionSF Newsblast is the only sci-fi news that matters. Today's sponsor: Toast!

Red Dwarf Returns, Kidnaps Dave

The cast of Red Dwarf appeared on the set of the British soap Coronation Street, to abduct Lloyd the cabbie, played by Craig Charles, who was Dave on Dwarf. The cast reunites for several new episodes to air over Easter weekend. People in the U.K. are clever and fun, because they speak proper English and there are naked women in their newspapers.

Zork Returns, Takes Sword, Turns Left

Zork, the fantasy game from before computer games were all tricked out with the good graphics, will return. It'll be at Legends of Zork, a browser-based game that we can play at work. It will not take 5 1/4 disks and two hours to load, though.

I spent many an hour not winning Zork, until I bought one of those guide books with the yellow highlighter, which was the ancestor of Google.

Neil Gaiman wins Book Award, Impresses My Wife

Neil Gaiman won the Newbery Medal for The Graveyard Book, awarded by the American Library Association. He said he wanted to go to their convention and give every librarian flowers.

My wife is a librarian. Keep your good-smelling flowers, your handsomeness and your frequent bathing to yourself!

RevolutionSF's Joe Crowe's AI chips were very badly damaged in the accident.

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