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RevolutionSF Newsblast : Watchmen, Zod, Bettie Page
Revolution News
© Joe Crowe
February 03, 2009

RevolutionSF Newsblast provides sci-fi news of note to a needy nerdy nation. Today's sponsor: WatchFriends.

Watchmen DVD To Make Us Buy More Watchmen Stuff While We Watch Watchmen

The pirate story from the Watchmen comic book will be a cartoon DVD. It includes a live-action documentary about the Golden Age superheroes Minutemen, too, including Carla Gugino as young, sassy Silk Spectre.

It comes out March 24, 18 days after we see the movie. So the entertainment industry is herding us into places that sell videos, not three weeks after hoping desperately that we went to a theater to watch the movie. Hopefully the hundred bucks we spend on a small popcorn that day will prop up our flagging economy.

Lecture Series Will Make Science Fiction Readers Feel All Smart

UC Riverside will include "science fiction scholarship" in a symposium beginning April 30. The lectures are free, so makes plans now for "Changing Regimes: Vonda N. McIntyre’s Parodic Astrofuturism" and "The Vampire and the Alien: Variations on the Outsider," and "Vernor Vinge’s Rainbow's End and the Macropolitics of Global Spatialization."

Coffee Makes Bettie Page's Clothes Fall Off

A Bettie Page coffee mug will now show her boobily nekkid when your coffee is hot.

When I drink caffeine, the last thing I need is the lack of focus that arrives with the onset of nude women.

Is There No Cell Phone on the Planet To Challenge Zod?

Terence Stamp, the voice of Jor-El on Smallville and the awesome General Zod on Superman II, refuses to own a cell phone. Sure, that's crazy. But if a man is brave enough to wear silk jammies throughout an entire movie, he can do what he pleases with his phone service.

RevolutionSF's Joe Crowe will whisper "No."

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