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Lost : RevolutionSF Recall
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January 21, 2009

While we pine desperately away for the new episodes of Lost to start, here is what RevolutionSF thunk about the show so far.

Season 4 Sucks / Rocks "Scary snooty English guy might be our savior. Or the Antichrist, if you believe Ben." -- Dave Sharp

Lost Action Figures "They look great, but they weigh 11 pounds and if you try to move their "poseable" bodies they'll snap off and make you bleed." -- Joe

Locke's Daddy "The role of dad means you teach your boy how to hunt, fish, and date Peg Bundy." -- Joe

Lost Time "Yes, it's true. I am Lost's bitch." -- Peggy Hailey

Season 1 DVD "I found Jin the least likeable, and yet his flashbacks were the most touching (translation: made me cry." -- Martin Thomas

Sci-Fi Moms "It's difficult being a mom on a freaky island where some weird people really, really, really like babies. It's like hanging around your child's school for more than five minutes." -- Joe

Boone: Why We Care "Shannon, of course, is the stepsister with whom Boone had been in nonbrotherly love since childhood. Totally unrequited nonbrotherly love — except for this one time in Australia, after which she told him, “Let’s go back to how it was before.” Yeah: Ouch." -- Shane Ivey

Lost and Found "I don't know and I don't care what the secret is on Lost. I don't want to know. If they Ross-and-Rachel it too early, the show will be deader than INSERT NAME OF YOUR FAVORITE SCI-FI SHOW HERE." -- Joe Crowe

Season 2, Episode 1 "If growing up listening to Rush's Hemispheres taught me anything, it's that we need to balance science and faith, rationality and creativity, reason and passion." -- Shane

The Very First Episodes "That's not an ocean surrounding their island. It's a very well-known creek, and these people are up it." -- Joe Crowe

Lost Season 3 Sucks / Rocks "A total waste of Mr. Nathan Fillion, just like the kid from the Garbage Pail Kids movie." -- Gary Mitchel

Season 3.5 Sucks / Rocks "The ONLY real cliffhanger was the tease in the form of the message on Echo's Jesus Stick. Was it meant for Locke?" -- Jayme Blaschke and Mark Finn

The Show So Far Sucks / Rocks "I love the big tree-smashing, memory-grabbing, crazy smoke monster, and I'm worried that new mysteries like the Big Weird Foot and the heroes' trip to Camp Creepyothers will keep it buried for another season." -- Shane

Lost: To Be Sci-Fi or Not To Be Sci-Fi "The producers said outright that it's all going to have real world, non-supernatural answers. And if there's one thing you can count on, it's that TV people never change their minds." -- Shane

RevolutionSF can't stay mad at Kate. Sigh.

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