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What Is Best In Life 2008 : Cthulhu Dice, Let the Right One In, Pushing Daisies
© Matt Cowger
January 10, 2009

2008 was a great and suck year for genre. Some great new content on all fronts, some sad losses (a drop from the 40 oz. for Gygax and Roddenberry and Forry). 2009 brings some interesting things on all fronts but for now, let's look back.

Best Country for Genre TV: The UK

The Beeb and company delivered some really, really great stuff this year. From the standards like Doctor Who and Torchwood, we got Dead Set (which was awesome) and Survivors (which was just as awesome). The folks across the pond have been delivering in adult ways we 'mericans have yet to match.

Best Comic: Walking Dead or Dark Tower

It is hard for me to pick between these two. The story in both is great, but the artwork in DT is mind blowing. Still The Walking Dead has been so good for so long you have to give it up to them. I’m going to call a draw on this one.

Best Board Game: Arkham Horror expansions

Nobody can deny that Fantasy Flight Publications produces incredibly quality (if really expensive) board games. But the expansions for Arkham Horror produced this year are absolutely top notch. From counter to card these are gorgeous pieces for a lovely and very fun to play game. A must have for all Lovecraft fans.

Best Card Game: Fluxx, new edition

The simplest card game in the world just got a facelift and a slight rules change. Fluxx is a game you could take to a bar or a kid’s birthday party and both groups would love it the same. It’s that kind of game. Do yourself a favor and go buy it, it’s cheap.

Best Role Play Game Accessory: Cthulhu Dice Sets

They come in different types but the black with glow-in-the-dark green type are nothing short of bad ass. Warning: expensive.

Best Role Play Game PDF: Sidetrek Adventure Weekly

Louis Porter, Jr. Studios' goofy little series of adventures provided many nights of fun for Team Cthulhu (http://www.teamcthulhu.org). We plan on trying some of the other series soon.

Best Horror Movie: Let the Right One In

This disturbing, sad, and very, very coming-of-age take on the vampire movie should be on the must-see list of everyone on RevSF.

Best Genre TV Show: Pushing Daisies

Oh, Olive, I will miss you so! Not to mention Emerson knitting, and Pigby, and . . . and . . . I gotta quit before I cry like a big ol’ softie (a "quiet you" in Professor Peabody voice to GlassSpider).

Read more from Matt "KaosDevice" Cowger in between Cthulhu Dice rolls.

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