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Watchmen Movie Slapass Update
Revolution News
© Joe Crowe
September 03, 2008

Fox wants some money for the Watchmen movie. Warner says "Nuh-uh," they should have asked already. Warner would have said "No," then, too. But they didn't ask. So now everybody's sulking over it.

Now they have a trial date in January. Fox wants them not to release the Watchmen movie, even though every big movie gets sued, and no lawsuit yet has ever made a big movie not come out.

Case in point, when I sued the Sex in the City movie because I had the idea to make Kristin Davis not be fully clothed in it. The movie came out. She was fully clothed in it. So no one was happy. I rest my case.

Not releasing it would keep Fox from getting any money, since it won't make any if it doesn't come out.

Fox is so happy to poop in everyone's punch bowl that they don't realize they're making their own punch taste bad.

Obviously, at their weekly bowling game, the Fox TV people told them how much they couldn't wait to cancel some new sci-fi TV this fall. So the movie people got all jealous.

A writer at Screen Rant posits that the whole thing may not be Fox's fault. Maybe it's a guy at Warner's fault.

I wish Fox and Warner would quit fighting. Can't they see they love each other?

RevolutionSF's Joe Crowe remembers Beans Baxter and gently weeps.

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