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Sci Fi TV in Convenient Comic Book Form: Chuck, Buffy, Heroes, Supernatural
© Joe Crowe
July 06, 2008

Did we know about these? We all keep up with our favorite sci-fi TV, or we keep up with our favorite comics. But now there are a lot of TV shows that make new episodes right now that are not yet canceled that also have comic book versions. This happened a lot in the 1970s and 1980s, when every genre-ish anything had a comic book, from Logan's Run to Welcome Back, Kotter.

Whether the creators of the shows are involved with the comics, or the comics are cheap slapassed gimmicks, fans may be missing out on good stuff. I don't know for sure if they are, because I haven't read all of these, because I didn't know most of them existed. Good job with promotion, everybody.

For this list, I included only live-action shows. Cartoons are far more likely to have comics, because the only difference is the pictures in the comics don't move.

For those lonely weeks between new episodes, when we've memorized the DVDs, and picked the fan sites clean, there is a chance of new show-related enjoyment. Like so:


We love Chuck. What is not to love? This series just started, at this writing. So it's a trip to the store every month for single issues, until the trade collection comes out. I know it's a burden. But dude, it's Chuck.

Ghost Whisperer

Drawings of Jennifer Love Hewitt is not as good as the actual Jennifer Love Hewitt. But sometimes they will have to do.


The first miniseries is collected already, for your Supernatural pleasure. Both series are written by writers from the show. They detail daddy Winchester before his boys were precocious youngsters instead of shirtless ripped-ab sexy beasts. Where was I?


This show had a comic book connection from the start. One collection collects the Heroes stories that appeared on the Heroes site, and another has new stories taking place in continuity before the show started.

Battlestar Galactica

There are regular series for the modern BSG and the Richard Hatch and Pa Cartwright -starring original.

Doctor Who

Doctor Who has pretty much always been in comics even in the decades between the old and new shows. Now new stories about the new show are out there. The budget in a comic is unlimited, though, which ruins the Who mystique.

Star Trek

Of course there are still Star Trek comics out there. It's a rule. This latest batch from IDW is the Year Four series depicts stories from year four of the original series. Most interesting is Assignment Earth, about the almost-was Trek spinoff with the secret agency in the 20th century that appeared on one episode of the original series.


I hope I can still hear Christopher Lambert's accent when I read these.


Duncan McLeod of the Clan McLeod and Lucy Lawless' true identity don't team up, but they have the same deal: New stories in the world of a beloved now-over TV show.

Xena teams up with Ash from the Evil Dead in a story with the best subtitle: "Why Not?"

24 and The Shield

Technically speaking not sci-fi-ish, but the shows are loved by us. I assume the 24 comic take as much time to happen as it does for you to read it. What if you're a really fast reader?

Buffy and Angel and Serenity

These are the gold standard to which every TV spinoff comic should aspire: creating a distinct new thing. The creator of the show depicts what he officially says would have happened to the characters in new seasons if the shows had not been cancelled.

It's likely there will be no more live-action Buffy or Angel or Serenity. So this will have to do us. Every story isn't excellent, but it's a great idea. It's also a perfect idea for a comic book sequel to Manimal. Even if I have to write it myself.

RevolutionSF's Joe Crowe would totally buy a Streethawk comic book. Or Automan. Definitely Automan.

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