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Bat-Actor Prefers To Remain Robin-Free
Revolution News
© Joe Crowe
July 05, 2008

Christian Bale, who plays Batman's chin, says he would rather not have a short-pantsed sidekick in his Bat-movies. He said, "If Robin crops up in one of the new Batman films, I'll be chaining myself up somewhere and refusing to go to work."

Finally, a line is drawn. It only took 60 years.

Robin exists because of the first misreading of the geek audience, in 1940. Sure, there was a world war on, but let's focus on what was really important: comic books.

Comic book creators in those days were slovenly old men (today they are slovenly young men). They thought kids would like to read about a kid superhero. But we never liked Robin. When we pretended, we didn't pretend to be the pal of the superhero. We pretended to be the superhero.

Your little brother had to play Robin. And if you were the little brother, that brewed insecurity and rage.

Comic book writer Jeph Loeb defends Dick Grayson, saying that the Dynamic Duo together "make each other better people."

RevSF's Jayme Blaschke says, "The quote sounds like a tongue-in-cheek expression of his preferences, not an ultimatum. Personally, with the way this Bat universe is unfolding, I don't think Robin inappropriate but that the character couldn't (shouldn't) be introduced until a 5th film or thereabouts. And we all know the odds of this creative team sticking together that long. Given Nolan's track record, I'd happily watch a Cat-Man vs. the Pied Piper film from him. I have no qualms regarding a Nolan crafted Robin. At all."

Robin has his spot. Burt Ward in the 1960s series is excellent. But Bat-stuff inevitably includes Robin, and it's OK with me if the new Bat-movies let it slide this time. Like teen flesh-colored hose covered legs down a metal pole.

RevolutionSF news editor Joe Crowe prefers to slide down the pole labeled "Bruce."

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