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Disney Classics: The RevolutionSF Revamps
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July 01, 2008

Kingdom Comics is a new Disney comics imprint. Kingdom Comics reports that they will create original graphic novels that revamp existing Disney creations from the 1970s or 1980s, with the intent of reviving the properties and making Disney some more money.

RevolutionSF should be the editors. We have picked a Disney creation from that time, and assigned our dream creative team to the project.

Attention Disney: You're welcome. We will accept as payment It's A Small World rides.

The Boatniks

Peter David, writer / Frank Cho, artist

When it comes to smuggling, Lt. Tom Garland’s seen it all, from endangered parrots hidden in suitcases to Mayan artifacts hidden pinatas to liquid heroin hidden inside women’s breast implants. He’s only been assigned to the U.S. Coast Guard’s Caribbean Contraband Interdiction Force for eight months, and already he’s facing burnout as his crew’s morale crumbles even as his relationship with the gorgeous charter-boat captain (and militant nudist) Kate Fairchild hits the rocks.

When rumors begin circulating of a mysterious “Commodore” and a sophisticated fleet of submarines muscling out the traditional smuggling powers, Tom’s ready to throw in the towel, until he uncovers evidence that Kate may be involved. In heavy weather, he surprises Kate during a high-seas rendezvous between her charter boat and a submarine, discovering that Kate herself is the mysterious Commodore! In the ensuing battle, both ships are sunk with survivors taking refuge on the damaged submarine. A tense truce is called between Tom and Kate as they struggle to repair the stricken sub as it sinks to the ocean floor, but nothing can prepare them for the shocking discovery of the hidden kingdom of Emperor Dandras, the Sea Ape, and his legions of carnivorous sea monkeys! -- Jayme Blaschke

Escape to Witch Mountain

Marv Wolfman , writer / George Perez, artist

Tony has always known he was different. But instead of being angry, Tony embraced his difference, honing his telepathic skills with the help of his guardian, Mrs. Malone. When she dies in a tragic fire, Tony finds himself in a state institution. There he faces isolation as the other teens know he is special and tease him mercilessly. For the first time, Tony feels alone, until until he meets Tia, a youg woman who possesses the power to talk to animals and see the future and a body that can only be described as “bubbly”. The two are inexplicably drawn to each other. Along with Tia's talking cat Winkie, they use their powers to help others, while trying to work out the mystery of Tia's star case. -- Deanna Toxopeus

The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes

Grant Morrison, writer / Ted McKeever, artist

When the college students from Miskatonic University's Theoretical Metaphysics Department invent the Trinary Computer, renegade genius and all around Ne'er-do-Well, Dexter Riley, inadvertently falls into the data stream and emerges bifurcated; in addition to his eidetic memory, Dex has super strength and invisibility.

However, each use of his new powers creates a rift in the Singularity Stream that threatens to tear the cosmos asunder, allowing the Old Gods to stream in from the dimension of Math, where they have lain dormant in the corners of fractional calculations. Only by embracing the Singularity stream and merging with the Trinary Computer can Dex overcome the Left Hand Sequence and bring Order out of Chaos. Recommended for All Ages. -- Mark Finn

The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes

Kurt Busiek, writer / George Perez, artist

Dexter Riley, a computer science student and systems administrator at Medfield College, is working in the campus computer lab in the overnight shift. One night, he notices a small black server with the name "A.J. Arno" on the front. Dexter checks the network logs and nodes and sees nothing under that name. He realizes that it is not on the school's network. It is connected to something outside the city.

Dexter attempts to network to the box himself, but during the physical connection, he is blasted by a data explosion. Millions of records flow into his brain, and he succumbs. While he is out, the computer box comes alive, and adds pieces of itself to Dexter's human shell.

Dexter enjoys is completely freaked by the additions, though they are barely noticeable. When he asks questions, another presence answers in his mind, as if two conscious minds exist inside him! As the Arno Company tracks him down, Dexter enjoys his newfound additions, but doesn't realize that the changes come with a cost. -- Jay Willson


Peter Milligan, writer / Dave McKean, artist

Woody (last name actually Woodpecker) is a struggling comic book artist who refuses to draw anything that isn't real. This may be why he's struggling, but it takes his friend Harry (last name actually Harrelson), a struggling CIA agent, to put him on the right path through liberal doses of a new drug called Base. Now Woody's comics soar in sales as he feverishly draws the hallucinations Base causes, even imagining the Eiffel Tower as a robotic herder of people for mysterious alien masters.

Trouble is, now Woody isn't sure anymore that the hallucinations are fantasy. When Harry reveals himself to be, undeniably, a talking ambulatory baseball bat, Woody realizes it is up to him to save the world and his own sanity. Of course, to do that, he'll have to act as crazy as his hallucinations, which means dressing up as a half-condor, half-man hybrid. -- Andrew Kozma

Cat From Outer Space

Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, writers / David Aja, artist

From the deepest reaches of space comes an alien unlike any you ever encountered. A creature of such power and intelligence, the soon the world will kneel before its might. When bickering twins Julian and Julie Taveras stumble across the wreckage of an alien ship, their lives are forever altered as the uncover the Cat From Outer Space! Weilding a diamond-studded collar of immense power, D'w*ane is actually the advance scout for an alien invasion. An invasion of tuna-loving, one foot high, furballs of terror! Secret government agent, martial arts master Max (last name classified) joins forces with the twins to stop D'w*ane. Or does he? Julian and Julie must learn to work together to discover the awesome secret of D'w*ane's collar and stop the invading colony. Or we're all going to be speaking in meows. -- Rick Klaw

Freaky Friday

Terry Moore, writer & artist

Gorgeous divorcee Mrs. Andrews is a good-hearted screw-up with terrible taste in men and a rocky relationship with her daughter, Annabelle. Annabelle is a tough-talking teen with a heart of gold (and a special best friend). Each thinks the other has it easy, and one day they both get the chance to see for themselves.Hilarity ensues as Annabelle kicks her mother's boyfriend's ass and Mrs. Andrews discovers some things about Annabelle, her best friend, and herself. -- Peggy Hailey

Bedknobs and Broomsticks

Neil Gaiman, writer / Bernie Wrightson, artist

It is 1940, and war has come to the sleepy village of Pepperinge Eye!

Ms. Eglentine Price, an apprentice witch still learning the mystic forces, assisted by Prof. Emelius Browne, a flim-flam man and three orphan East-End gutter snipes, must seek out and discover the secret to Substitutiary Locomotion to combat Hitler's Third Reich.

From the smoggy streets of London, to the mythical island nation of Namboombu within the Realm of Dream, they travel to find the fabled Star of Astaroth, the only force able to combat Heinrich Himmler and his supernatural army of Ubermenschen, marching on England behind the Spear of Destiny.

With the words Trecuna mecoides antrecorum satis dei, war will begin, greater even than the war engulfing Europe; a war which threatens to unravel the very fabric of our world. -- Todd Shearer

The Absent-Minded Professor

Geoff Johns, writer / Alex Ross, artist

Professor Brainerd discovered "flying rubber," or Flubber, in 1961. In 1997, another Professor Brainerd discovered Flubber, and the energy-absorbing mass opens a portal to a parallel Earth, revealing the 1961 Professor Brainerd working on the same experiment!

Only by teaming with the Shaggy D.A.s of two universes can the professors save the universe from being swallowed by a Master Control Program that threatens to unleash a black hole. -- Joe Crowe

The Apple Dumpling Gang

Joe Lansdale, writer / Tim Truman, artist

Horribly scarred Civil War veteran Russel Donovan finds himself in a real pickle when he gets tricked into caring for a bunch of orphans in Gold-Rush California. Ambushed by the bumbling thieves Amos and Theodore, who call themselves the Apple-Dumpling Gang, he forces them at gunpoint to help care for the children while he guns down a veritable horde of gunslingers, savages, and lawmen in a red tide of death. (This comic not to be sold to minors.) -- Dave Farnell

The staff of RevolutionSF is a wish your heart makes.

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