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Iron Man: Great Moments In Iron Man History
© Joe Crowe
May 01, 2008

The Iron Man movie is here. When a comic book character walks and talks in live action, it's a neat thing for the nerd nation.  We have read and seen 45 years worth of things with Iron Man in them. How about that, normals? Here are some of our favorite moments in Iron Man history. 
Iron Man vs. Doctor Doom

The two most famous armor wearers went back in time to the age of Camelot in Iron Man 149 and 150. Iron Man and Doc decided to work together, and junked both of their suits for parts to build a time machine so they could get back home. It was hot in those suits back when there was no air conditioning.

Iron Man animated short (2007)
It looks like a video game cutscene, but it’s a short cartoon with Iron Man and Spider-Man fighting a giant robot. That’s the stuff, right there.

Iron Man cartoon series (1996)
In the Iron Man cartoon in the 1990s, and Tony Stark had long hair like it was the 1970s. His voice actor was Robert Hays, who had a “drinking problem" in the movie Airplane.

War Machine (1992)

Stark’s best friend Rhodey took over the Iron Man suit when Tony went on a break. When he got back, he made Rhodey his very own armor. This brings to mind the old adage: "A true friend will make you a suit of armor with enormous guns on it."

Iron Man vs. Hulk

2008’s summer movie heroes fight each other often, because it’s fun. One of the best brawls was when Iron Man put all his gusto into one big punch: “Fwa-wha-wha-BWOM."

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Joe Crowe is like Iron Man, except for the richness, the suit of armor, and the not being beaten up all the time.

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